Gold nuggets for changing your work habits

What happened? What just happened? 2020 done and dusted. And wow what a ride. With all the shitty stuff that happened it was also a time of setting new boundaries and new goals for me.

Out with the old and in with the new. Completely and utterly.

I left my ‘other’ job that I had been lovingly in for 15 years. I said to myself “I’m giving this Queenstown Life blog thing a good nudge (after 8 years).” I also set down some goals of things I wanted to do and also not do anymore.

I also set my sights on lots of group work and masterclasses. Ive been involved in group work for 20 years (holy moly!) and still had Imposter Syndrome! Stop the madnesssssss!

Gold nuggets for changing your work habits
Gold nuggets for changing your work habits


Making life easier since …forever. Boundaries don’t complicate life, they make it easier. People like structure and rules (I know but we do). we also like to know where we sit and fit. So setting things down like I don’t answer emails at 10pm and I want to earn a X$ this year so I need to say “no” to that piece of work only makes life easier. And gives us more choice and freedom.


What does that mean to you? To me it means not having to work Fridays (eventually), Being able to go out on my bike on a whim Tuesday at 11.37am. To know I have systems in place so money comes in. That I can take my whanau away for the week. Yours might be to pay off a mortgage. To feel good about money in your bank account for hair cuts, workshops, new computers. Picking your toddler up from daycare knowing you don’t have to work that night and you get to play all night. It is freeing, liberating, you have choices.

Gold nuggets for changing your work habits

I also started doing some huge goal setting. I know it’s the new thing, the buzz word but this stuff actually works.

After 7 years of putting my absolute heart and soul into this work and this blog I decided last year I was going to enlist some support, get a coach and actually learn about what others were doing that seemed to be working for them.

Some nuggets I learnt:

  • Say no to work that drains, doesn’t bring joy, doesn’t bring income that is a target I’ve set
  • Letting go of the emotional attachment to someone saying “no” to a piece or work or someone asking for a lesser price.
  • Considering WWJF- What will Jane Feel? So when this work is done, will Jane feel joy? Fulfilled? Happy when she is paid? Or will she be angry, annoyed and resentful. If the latter then I say no to the job.
  • Putting time and energy into collaborations that are epic. Jen and Jane’s Excellent Adventure is one such collab. Jen Heuett and I decided last year to launch Storytelling workshops to support people struggling with their social media and strategy. From there we started Destination: Launch. A 3 month womxns group programme to get that idea out of you head and into action.

Our second one starts on the 25th January. We have plans, goals, dreams and action. And it feels EPIC.

Let me know if you want to know more! 

Gold nuggets for changing your work habits
Gold nuggets for changing your work habits

I also stopped thinking I was doing lots of work and actually looked at what that ‘work’ and to do list was about. What did that stuff lead to? If i’d tried everything had I really? Or was I sitting waiting for things to drop in my lap.

If you’re the latter, and you’re really deeply not wanting to admit that then think about what the circles are that you’re running around? Do you spend all day online but not actually generating income? Or new leads? Or work that you actually want to do and makes you feel good?

Do you spend time doing ‘another’ project that makes you feel shitty and not getting anywhere. Do you spend all day emailing people and saying “yes” to stuff because you feel guilty? Have you looked at what that is about?

To shift anything we must take risks. we must invest in ourselves. We must accept or ask for help. We cannot do this stuff alone. We will lose friends along the way. We will be ok with that.

Gold nuggets for changing your work habits
Gold nuggets for changing your work habits
Gold nuggets for changing your work habits

The GOLD :

For the must do’s. Sit and think about these if you feel like you’ve tried everything:

1. Email ten potential clients. Don’t think about what they will answer.

2.Go back to clients you’ve worked with before. See if there’s a new campaign or idea you/ they’ve got

3. Can anyone refer to you? Have you talked to your friends/ colleagues about what you’re doing? 

4. Did you listen to a workshop, resource, podcast? 

5. How can you generate some $$ right now? 

6. What resources do you need? That are lacking – take a risk and work out how you get these. 

7. What did you do this week that scared the shit out of you? What frog can you eat? Right now. 

8. Did you put yourself out there to change something that is exciting and risky

Gold nuggets for changing your work habits

I have so many plans for 2021 but first I want to know if you’re in? Are you in? Do you want in? I want you in. 

Coming up: 

Online workshops 

Self learning 

Womxns programmes 


Come join. I can’t wait to see you.