RemoteTogetherNZ FestivalThere’s a newbie on the block and I can’t wait to get involved.

RemoteTogetherNZ is the brain child of  ‘Producer’ Trent Yeo, ‘Curator’ DK, ‘Operations’ Scott Kennedy. ‘Marcomms’ whizz Jess Larmont and ‘Events’ Cuillin Hearty.
Always saying “yes” to opportunities that present themselves, this team thought why don’t we look at what it means to ‘work’ and work ‘remotely’.

2020 was a f*cker for many and (still is) working itself out. Work changed. Our working changed and so this opportunity for us all to reassess what ‘work’ actually is, how we connect and what it could look like was too good an opportunity to miss. We all got souped up on Zoom and Zoom parties. My work would have died if I hadn’t had access to Asana, Slack and a large gin and tonic with friends on a webcam.

With a team of absolute legends and some of the best sponsors New Zealand could offer get ready for RemoteTogetherNZ.

“RemoteTogetherNZ is a deep dive into all aspects of a flexible workplace, providing clarity, guidance and tools for individuals and organisations at different stages of the remote working spectrum to move forward in redesigning their workplace and living their aspirations.

We are bringing together thought leaders from around New Zealand and abroad to focus on how we can change the way we work – by design rather than default – to enhance our quality of life.

We believe the content and timing of the festival is vital in response to the recent massive shift in the way in which we work.”

Join them for six days of learning, speakers (I’m there!), connecting, and imagining what we want the world of remote working to look like. 8-13 March 2021.

Grab your tickets here! Early Bird passes for the win (until 31st Jan) and all the yoga I can handle.

I love New Zealand for it’s “we can do anything” attitude. So don’t make this a festival you wished you had gone to when you’re in 2031. Do it now and be part of the future of work.

RemoteTogetherNZ Festival