Art Galleries in Queenstown

I absolutely LOVE art galleries and I love the Queenstown Art Galleries.  I love the smell of them (they have one…sniff….) the feeling, the calmness, the serenity. To know that all the stuff on the walls will make you feel something. Whether you’re a Pollock lover or a Monet hater art galleries are like libraries. They are part of the heart of a place. I always go to the library and the art gallery when I visit a new city or town to find out what’s going on and to meet new people.

So here are my favourites in this fine town. Some in the centre and some you have to drive to. Hidden away down the leafy lanes. Go and wander and look. Queenstown art galleries are there, you sometimes have to look to find them. But I love a challenge.

The Ivy Box

A new gallery on Lake Avenue just popped up. Set in this gorgeous ivy filled building I nearly dropped my cup of coffee when I noticed it tucked away. It’s so stunningly beautiful I stood outside it for a while before I entered The Ivy Box and when I did it was filled with local art and jewellery. Lovely.

Open Wed-Sun 10.30am-6pm

Art Galleries in Queenstown

The Cloakroom Gallery 

Queenstown Art Centre has been around a while, and the Cloakroom Gallery is one part of the building. If you haven’t been in there yet it reminds me of a school house (which I think it was). Long corridors and smells like a school in a warm, cozy way. They have classes and workshops and all sorts.

Open Mon-Fri 10am-3pm

Art Galleries in Queenstown

Speargrass Flat/ Around Arrowtown Galleries

Just a few minutes from Arrowtown there is a gallery in itself. A gallery of galleries in the lanes around Speargrass Flat Road, Little’s Road and Lower Shotover. Get in your car (or on your bike) and ride around visiting all. They are usually in the back rooms of people’s houses but it also lets you see inside some of these buildings that are so beautiful that’s the only way you’ll get in there. I usually drive really slow and nosey at the places wishing I could see inside and now I can! (In a none creepy way!) Take a picnic and have a drive without a map or sense of where you’re going. Just follow the signs.

Open weekly

Nadine Milne

Tucked away down Buckingham Street in Arrowtown is a whole world you didn’t know existed. Nadene Milne Gallery is a little door in the wall and inside there’s a whole world of bright colour. One of my favourite artists Gretchen Albrecht is in there at the moment with some new work and afterwards you can head to the other hole in the wall. The legendary Blue Door.

Open everyday 10am-5pm

Milford Gallery 

Tucked down the laneway on Earl Lane is the beautiful Milford Gallery. Hosting some new and older works theres plenty for all to meander and gasp at. And if you’re lucky find a pretty penny or two to spend in there. (I wish.)

Open Daily

Cycle Higher

The lovely Cycle Higher bike hire shop in town usually has some sort of gorgeous exhibition on! Go have a look and get a bike for a wander too!

Open Daily

Do you have a favourite? Let me know!

Art Galleries in Queenstown