Pecha Kucha QLDC Queenstown Town CentreI love Queenstown (have you noticed?) so when QLDC (Queenstown Lakes District Council) contacted me to present at their Pecha Kucha talk about the town centre I ran a mile squealed in delight at performing infront of lots of people.

An absolute honour to be talking alongside some legends from Queenstown. All living, working and trying to make this place the best it can be. We do have a long way to go- things to change, make better and move into the future but the evening solidified how much we love this town and how much we want to make it the best place in the world. And that is never a bad thing.

Pecha Kucha QLDC Queenstown Town Centre So here’s my talk (eek). Scary is good right? I wrote a letter to the town centre and all the things I love about it. I hope it just makes you laugh.

You can also read about my letter to Winter from my precious Pecha Kucha talk here.