Yep that’s right. Me. Little me. My wonderful friend Scott Kennedy (who’s podcast you can listen to here) badgered me to finally talk to him about my stuff. My Queenstown Life. Where it all came from, if I know what I’m finally doing (*spoiler* NO) and where to from here.

One of the things to chat about is the fact that I’m taking the leap and doing this stuff full time. Now if you’re like my mum who still asks “what is it you do again?” I can tell you. Lots.

This blogging and social media world is crazy. Bat-shit crazy. It’s amazing, don’t get me wrong but it’s also a funny old world of discovery. I’m still discovering what it is I’m trying to put my finger on. But one thing is for sure in this crazy ol’ world, connections is one of the reason’s I’m here. To meet new people, form connections for life or just for a time and write about some amazing people out there doing some amazing things.

I can only hope I’m a teenth of Scott Kennedy’s talent by the time I’m as old as him (he’s now struck me off the Christmas card list).

This is us talking about Queenstown, how we got here, how none of us know what we’re doing and how it’s all going to be ok. Enjoy people.

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Podcast #16 Jane Guy