Peta Carey 'A Place for the Heart'I first read one of Peta Carey‘s articles in North and South Magazine when I first arrived in New Zealand and was completely in awe of this woman film maker, writer, mother.

When her partner Dave Comer sadly passed away she gathered all of his photographs, stories and memories into a book ‘A Place for the Heart’ which we now talk about in this podcast. I’m so grateful to be able to spend some time with Peta talking about her memories of Dave, the land and the beauty we are surrounded by here in New Zealand. Hope you enjoy it too.

I’m still in awe of Peta but not as frightened to talk to her. I can’t believe I had cake and forgot to give it to her when she visited my home.

A Place for the Heart can be found at Bound Bookshop and anywhere that is worth the money in your wallet.

Peta Carey 'A Place for the Heart' Peta Carey 'A Place for the Heart' Peta Carey 'A Place for the Heart'Peta Carey 'A Place for the Heart'