Bendemeer Queenstownlife Go with your heart and the rest will follow.

When I buy a house (ha ha ha ha ha ahem) in this beautiful place I now call home I want it to be exactly that. A home. Somewhere I put all my stuff (bars of gold and whatnot). Where I can hang my washing and see it floating in the breeze, look up and see the mountains calling me for a hike and room enough I can wave at my neighbours but walk around my kitchen and they don’t know what colour my jumper is. (I like close but not that close)

As I entered the gates of Bendemeer I knew I was entering something special. You are faced with an old woodshed, falling down, timber shattered. Open the doors to that same said woodshed and you half expect James Bond to pop out with a martini. Opulence, sexiness, wood and leather intertwined within the old framework. The smell of wool and hard work still lingers. It’s there, you can see it.

I didn’t know what to expect on this development of land hidden away in Arrowtown.- expensive land? Nameless neighbours? Hidden landscapes? What I was met with literally made my jaw drop. Sarah Cairns who heads up marketing and branding took me on a whistle stop tour of the land. And my my my what a place. 320 acres of green and blue. Let me explain…….

Bendemeer Queenstownlife

1.5 to 5 acre plots are divided up amongst the tussock, nestled in their own section, private and isolated but near enough so you can wave, say hello, smell cakes baking. Pukeko stalk the pond plucking wild grasses that blow in the breeze. People put out washing, grass is cut, life happens.

There is a cohesiveness to this area too. A previous ‘planting day’ brought everyone out together to plant native trees and to eat cake. (I wasn’t invited. I’m miffed). Check it out here.

The dictionary describes Cohesion as The act, process, or condition of cohering: exhibited strong cohesion in the family unit.” (The Free Dictionary). This is what I’m seeing here. People living together on a development, making homes, families, history, together. 

Bendemeer Queenstownlife Bendemeer Queenstownlife Bendemeer Queenstownlife

Another great thing is the proximity to both Arrowtown and Queenstown. It’s so perfect as you are only a short drive from restaurants, cinemas, bars, shopping. Hiking tracks completely surround you and your home. Cycling, swimming in the lakes, running, drinking coffee and the odd gin and tonic in town. (See I’m all about the fun).

Bendemeer has 12 lots left to offer you, which includes use of the grounds,a fully serviced site, pavilion, tennis court, and land. An initial 42 plots (so not a sprawling huge development) and all are places you would bring your family to call home.

Bendemeer Queenstownlife Bendemeer Queenstownlife Bendemeer Queenstownlife Bendemeer Queenstownlife Bendemeer QueenstownlifeDevelopment and homes surround the pond which you have full access to. Wandering around my senses were alive, jaw dropped, dazzled by the landscape. A complete sense of serenity and being alone and yet and yet such a feeling of community, of being a part of something I would want to call my home.
Bender are working hard to create this feeling, to break down some current concepts about the place and open the doors to the public to come inside and experience what I experienced that sunny day. See what’s behind the wool shed, over the hill. Understand what I am talking about here. See it for yourself.

Go. Go now.