I am tired, exhausted, high on social media and needed to get back to a place I haven’t visited in a while. Glenorchy known for its sleepiness, grand mountains and a walking mecca is situated at the end of Lake Wakatipu and is a haven for Lord of the Rings enthusiasts. All the fresh air you could ever want and good coffee at the GY Cafe when James offered me a night to stay in his funky bunker I literally ran him over to get a date when it was free.

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I won’t give too much away as I’ve been threatened with losing friends, who’ve also discovered this delight and who didn’t want me to shout about it to the world. But I understand I have a service to fulfil to you dear readers to get your bum down there and relive the rest and relaxation I felt for the evening.

The only noise I can hear are the birds singing their dusky tune as they settle in for the night. The fire’s on and it’s time for a well earned Pinot.
Nestled underneath the great white peaks of Mount Earnslaw this secret hideaway hopefully will remain secluded but also discovered just enough to delight the walker, runner, cyclist or just someone looking for a well earned bit of R&R.

Set amongst a large garden two ex filmset bunkers (funky bunkers I beg your pardon) have double bed, fire, kitchenette, bathroom (with hot water, we’re not on Mars) TV, (I didn’t turn it on) books (now we’re talking) and just enough I-never-want-to-leave aroma about the place so you’ll be set up for the weekend.

James Story of the Funky Bunker…
“The Funky Bunker was built by a local metal worker, Hamish is either fixing tractors for the local farmers or frequently working on films such as the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Avatar and Vertical limit of which the bunker was built for.
A large part of Vertical Limit was filmed up on Turret Head on the left shoulder of the large glacier capped mountain you can see from the back yard, Mount Earnslaw.
Once the film was finished Hamish inherited the Bunker of which he then lived in the forest on an area of land 20 mins up the Valley called Camp Hill, below lovers leap a bluff that two young Maori lovers from apposing tribes jumped to their deaths from. Here he was living off the grid under solar power, gas bottles, out door bath, the works.
This land was sold and Hamish had to move, I heard of this tale a few days before I was leaving to work on yachts again and offered Hamish to move onto my land.
One and half years later I returned to New Zealand after circumnavigating the Pacific, at which time Hamish had brought a house in the village, so I brought the bunker from Hamish and renovated it like a little yacht.
I then lived in Glenorchy for a couple of years but have since returned to living and working abroad mainly based out of France.”

Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy IMG_4377 IMG_4378 IMG_4379 IMG_4380Go visit for yourself. A delightful wee place set aside for some rest, relaxation and the beautiful sights and sounds of Glenorchy. A mere 45 minute drive from Queenstown, you have some of the great walks on your doorstep. There’s also safari, jet boating, mountain and road biking, swimming, cake eating, coffee drinking and plenty of meandering. Something for everyone. Including me who is booking to go back again come Summer. I’ll race ya.

Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy