I don’t normally get on my high horse here (I like to save that for my personal life) but I felt I had to write something as it’s been getting my goat.

I love taking photos (you may have noticed) and there are so many amazing photographers, writers, musicians, poets, painters, sculpturers (is that a word?) here in town but what I’ve noticed since starting my blogging and social media addiction that there are many photographs, pieces or writing, snippets here and there that are used and are not credited to the original maker.

I love people to use my photos and have a special bit in my website about it here but I just add that if you want to spread the Queenstown Life love, please credit photos back to me. It takes me a great amount of time to edit, write about, sort, label, name and number all my photos And I’m sure this goes without saying for other amazing creatives in this town and further afield. They may have other rules to their photos and if so, please do your research before you use them.

Happy reading and viewing and just spare a thought 🙂

credit where credit's due