I’m rubbish at tests

This morning I had the privilege of attending the Southern Pr and Fully Charged Media course about SEO. For all you out there who are unsure of these ‘techy’ terms this stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Plainly put it’s how you rank on search engines, how people find you which then leads to more business and more people reading your stuff.

For me this is priceless information. I need this stuff, I want this stuff and now I am armed with this stuff. (And possibly quite dangerous. I will be spouting ‘techy’ stuff all over my housemate. She is very pleased. Not really)

Anyhow, Darren (FCM) and Naomi (SPR) are both completely amazing in their field. They know what is ‘now’ and what is, well rubbish. They took us on a journey of the hows and whys and what-fors. And, not being top of the class at the tech stuff, even I could understand what they were talking about.

We covered SEO, content and structure of websites, driving traffic, consistencies and priorities with an overall header of ‘do what you can’. This was great as I feared I would walk away crying thinking I didn’t have time to anything (not the case)

The only thing wrong about the whole course was the lack of cake. But I will forgive them. Just this once.

And lucky for you lot both are available to help. They have their own niches, if it’s digital marketing from SEO, advertising and social through to webinars, video and podacsts speak to Darren and if it’s for content, copywriting and media releases speak to Naomi. Get that? Good.

Thank you guys I am now armed and dangerous.
Darren Craig

Naomi Lindsay
Southern PR
03 441 1117