Front Room is a ever-changing space situated in Fluid Visuals on Memorial Street in Queenstown.
I say ever-changing because that’s EXACTLY what happens every time I go there. The space looks completely different. And it’s not big by any means.

I think they have some crazy in house team who come and design the space quickly before an audience comes in. Clever. Very clever.

I digress.

Ex-Queenstowner John Perkins flew for the British Royal Navy and was offered a position flying in New Guinea with Territory Airlines and arrived in August of 1965.

Serving with the company for 3 years he began building trade stores at several outstations. He began buying artefacts from the local tribes who needed to generate some money to plant coffee. His love of these artefacts turned into a love and soon had 1000 pieces. Which know reside mostly in his garage. Much to the annoyance of his wife (who can only get on car in the garage).

We are lucky to be able to see some of these hung so lovingly in Front Room Gallery for the next month. May 2nd-30th.

John spoke eloquently and with such respect for the pieces it would be a shame to miss the chance to see them.

Thank you John and Front Room.