I recently spoke at Pinq Queenstown’s networking evening and was inundated afterwards with women asking me for my speech. It’s hard to get motivated by work and your business if you’re not sure where to start or what to work ‘on’ so I wrote some tips n tricks that I have used in my business which might help guide you.

I like to think about the week being separated by:

✅ ‘The actual work’ – the tasks that get you to your goals

✅ CEO time – the stuff that allows you to learn, dream, research, understand

✅ Self care time- the time you spend on yourself either relaxing, moving your body or however YOU choose. The whole thing about self care is that it is self directed from a place of “what do I need?” and this is often something we have to learn as we’ve never been taught it or mentored to this place.

✅ Planning and sorting – the understanding what tasks come from our goals alongside the work we just have to do or get someone else to do

I’ve jotted down the tips and tricks I gave during my speech and also a few I like to add to spice it up – please let me know if any of these resonate or you want to learn more! 

▶️ If you want it to be different you have to ask yourself what does ‘different’ feel like? How will you know when it’s different? Same with ‘earn more money’- how will you know when you earn more? This gets you to start defining what those limits and lines are without comparison.  

▶️ No one is coming to save you or do it for you. So start thinking about what YOU want. And if you don’t know get some help with this 

▶️ Know your numbers – look at your bank account even if it feels hard or depressing you need to rip that band aid off and GET clear. The clearer you are the more in control you feel. If you’ve got debt, be honest and work out how to start getting rid of it. Invest. Start investing. You need $50 and a mobile phone.

▶️ People will give you a price objection whether it’s $400 or $40,000. Stop wasting your time worrying about it and concentrate on the results you deliver and the profit you want to make. The clients you want WILL come through. 

▶️ If you want to earn $10k a month, instead of saying I want to earn $10k a month and then go back to charging $50 for your work, look at what needs to honestly change for this to happen. Usually pricing yourself differently is a way to start.  

▶️Remind people you’ve worked with before (and loved you and the work you did) to work with you again instead of trying to convince a whole heap of newbies. Go back and give them an offer and make sure it’s one that provides a solution to their problem. 

▶️ Work on creating a space or place for your audience to find you and feel connected. This is the same if you’re not online. 

▶️ My clients feels safe to know they can share their vulnerabilities with me because I am vulnerable. You don’t have to share your life story. You do have to allow people to feel like you solve a problem for them and are approachable.

▶️ If you don’t like selling, realise that you sell every single day. You sold yourself at this talk tonight because you talk about what you do. Get used to serving your customers and clients so that it feels authentic and those who don’t want it are NOT your client.

▶️ You can be someone who loves the world and wants to live a life of freedom AND wants to make lots of money. You can be kind AND want to make a million dollars. You can be an AND person. 

▶️ Don’t be a dick. Kind of speaks for itself.

▶️ Client and customer journeys regardless of where you work are so important. If you’ve never walked through a client/customer coming in and going out of your workplace or business, walk through it every single step. You’ll quickly see where friction is and where it feels shitty. 

▶️ Work on your money story (where you first learnt about money and what it means) until it’s not affecting how you do your work or what you offer people. Until you know how it can bring you the freedom that you desperately crave. 

▶️ Review your subscriptions and get rid of what you don’t use anymore. NO ONE needs “Yoga in the shower app” and “Horoscopes for dogs monthly”. If anything (tip!) download Dipsea and come find me in New World in the week and thank me then.    

▶️ Stop downloading business tool apps to sort out your problems before you’ve worked out what your problems are and then get apps to help.  

▶️ Get clear about WHO you want to work with and WHAT problem you are solving. There are 394 types of bread in the supermarket there IS a place for your business idea  

▶️ Tasks are NOT goals. That list of things you need to do is never going to end. So stop trying to wish it will. Get strategic instead. Talking about your business once online does not = one million dollars and new customers.

▶️ Set income goals around the freedom you WANT, not the comparison you’re feeling. Creating a community of people is the first step. Getting people to say yes is the next. Comparison is one of the biggest wastes of time ever. It is literally pointless and yet we’re marketed to from birth to compare ourselves alongside people we literally don’t know 

▶️ Stop waiting for the perfect decision because the perfect decision is the one you choose right now. With the women I work with who want to make decisions, they’ve usually made the decision they just haven’t said it outloud yet. 

▶️ Quit the shit that ain’t working even if you’re scared to death and it’s your identity at stake. If you hate your job ask yourself how you want to feel instead and then look at what needs to happen for you to get there. If you don’t know #shamelessplug I know a coach who can support you. Wink wink. 

▶️ Get help. Therapists, coaches, social media experts. Stop trying to do it all yourself. And if paying them is a problem you do not have to start with a $10k budget, 60 mins a week will do. 

▶️ You don’t need “more time”. This is a BS statement we use when we’re overwhelmed with the lists we have. You can get so much done in 10 mins on your lunch break. Honestly. The barrier is thinking you need 46 hours a day to get anything done. If you want to write a book and you haven’t yet its not a priority right now. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK WOMAN. 

▶️ Support other women who don’t look like you and don’t have the access you have. Allow those who don’t speak in meetings and are regularly missed off lists to find a way to be present. Pass the mic every now and again and bring those women here. To this space. 

▶️ Stop saying “Does that make sense?”. You make sense. Your words make sense. Take your place. 


I hope this offered some insight into the ways you want to get ‘unstuck’ or think about things differently.

I have 2 1:1 spots for coaching to get ready for Summer. Have the Summer of freedom you always wanted and let’s get strategic and sorted.