My blog (this blog) is ten years old this month! Holy krapola. Where does the time go?

I’ll tell you where. It gets swallowed up by lists upon lists of must-do’s and kids’ socks. That’s where.

Taking my business from a side dream, to charging $50 a blog post to $30k months (yep you read that right) was a slowwwww process and I hope to speed that up for you so you don’t have to take ten years.

I no longer offer blogging as a service I provide but I still have a business and the things I learnt along the way can be replicated in any business and used to challenge your current mindset (I can’t, I shouldn’t, am I good enough?)

Depending on how long you’ve been hustling, side kicking, and trying depends on how much experience you have BUT you can get other things set up right now. And yep some of this is boring, but business is boring so if you want it hard enough get used to it.

✅ Understand why. What the hell are you working til 2am for in the thing you’ve been doing for ages? Because you love it, want it, have been told to do it? Work this out now before you spend all this time to turn around in a  few years and think “what the hell was all that photography selling for when I really want to be a pig farmer?” Write it down and then think about your goals for the year working backwards.

✅ Do some work on your money mindset. I’ll shout this from the rooftops forever and spend alot of my time during my coaching of clients talking about it. This isn’t just “charge more and you’ll be fine!” this is a deeper where did all the ways you think about money come from? So spend some time writing it down and thinking about how you respond even to the word money.

✅ This then changes the way you show up, ask for it, say no to customers and clients. And changes the way you do things because you truly want to not because your brain is constantly shouting “you need money NOW, take anything”. Shit clients are shit. And you’ll feel shit forever.

✅ Think about what you want to earn and why. And then break that stuff down. So if it’s $100k a year, how many of your thing you make do you need to sell per month to make that? I worked out that I wanted to make X and then said no to any packages that I sold that were under $Xk. I then started to only do bigger pieces of work for 3-6 months and this meant that I could do 5 a month and make $30k. My months went like this :

❤️ Start 2019 Jan $2000 planned income $1000 made
❤️ Feb $3000 planned $2800 made
❤️ March $3500 planned etc

I kept putting up the month by $500 and started saying NO to a lot more work. Some months I hit it, some months I didn’t but I DIDN’T stop. That was the kicker from the years before.

Where it changed:
❤️ Sept 2020 was a $19k month
❤️ October 10,000 planned, made $11,300
❤️ November $12,000 planned, made $14,232
❤️ December $15,000 planned and I made $30k that month.

What did I do?
📍 I got a coach
📍 I got a coach
📍 I got a coach

📍 I planned my months backwards from the end of the year. I set hard targets. I knew exactly what I was offering people and why. My branding changed from “Queenstown blogger” to “I blog and photograph New Zealand women led business and showcase their secrets”. Direct, to the point. I really delved into WHO I wanted to work with.

📍 I also started my coaching business where we dived right into what we were good at and what we wanted to put out to the world. If you want to make your thing your full time job you have to get into the specifics.

📍 I audited every week. I got clear on how I wanted my work week to be.

📍 I set up systems that helped me to prioritise where I spent my time. The backend of your business needs time and WORK allocated to it. Not just as and when but time slotted into your calendar that is reoccurring (told you it got boring). CEO time was in. SELF CARE time also came first. Where was I allowing time for me to step back, slow down, look at what I was doing, what was working?

📍 I worked on the fear of what others thought. And realised no one cares. No one cares because everyone is too wrapped up in their own fear. So do it anyway.

📍 I didn’t wait for it to be perfect. You don’t need the perfect website, business card, package because you’re allowing yourself to try it out and shift it around.

📍 I stopped trying to compare myself to people who had been doing this for 10-15 years and thought whoa nelly it’s been 5 years. Let’s try some stuff out here. And I did.

I’m not telling all of you to just up sticks and jump right in, quit your job! Be a famous adventurer! I’m saying get really serious about all the bits that need work and do them. AND GET SOME HELP TO DO THIS. I went full time, went back to part time. Went full time, set up another business. Stopped blogging and gave it up and started coaching. And I don’t regret trying it all out.

I would never never never have done all this stuff as fast without a coach. All the stuff I needed I already had in me but my coach teased it out and I got to do things I never dreamed.

You can too.

If you want help with moving into full time I CAN HELP. I have spots left for 1:1 coaching.
2 sessions a month
Working monthly as you go
Easy as

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