Queenstown Life week In Pictures

How did we get here readers? How is it nearly the next year AGAIN? I swear it was Christmas 2014 about five minutes ago and I was dusting the crumbs of another mince pie off my sweater. This year has been a busy, crazy, tiring, happy, sun-snow-I-Hate-Winter filled lineup. I’ve done some things I thought I would never do (Pecha Kucha Winter Festival Talk), some things I love doing (eating cake, drinking gin, talking to people) and some things I have to do for the first time (my taxes. The end). But all in all I set myself a goal of doing this gig more and more and I’ve got to that bit. Not without ALOT of posting, chatting, writing, working weekends and late nights and 4 jobs but I’ve got there.

There’s so much more to do though. Some people say “wow, you get to stay in some lovely places and eat some lovely things you lucky beast”. And I am pretty lucky but it’s not without hard work this social media lark. Blogging is a strange wonderful world that I’m still discovering and understanding but I’ve met some incredible people along the way and done some amazing things. So 2015 you’re a winner in my eyes. The taxes. Well you can go jump. At least until next year when I have to do them all over again.

As someone famous once said “there’s two sure things in life. Death and taxes”. Now where did I put my mince pie?

2 people 1 life wedding Queenstown

To sum up some of the incredible things we’ve done this year (and yes I mean we. You lot have been along for the ride) I’ve put down some of my favourites alongside some of the photos I’ve taken. Want to be involved next year? Then get onboard and get on the line. Get in touch. I might even bring cake.

This year saw the gorgeous Odi Jewellery make friends with us, I love all small but mighty businesses and especially ones set up by women. I also rode my bike alot and got a call about a wedding. A lovely couple (2 People 1 Life) from the UK were flying around the world getting married in lots of different places and they were headed for Queenstown, did I want to be involved? I dropped my sandwich and ran to meet them. What eventuated was a bloomin’ gorgeous trip to Mount Nicholas Station and a meeting of minds. You can read about them here.

February was also a meeting of new people. Colleen Pugh from Dunedin is an amazing mix of artist, draw-er of food and creative type. I love reaching out further than Queenstown to meet people and Instagram has been such a beautiful way of doing this. Have we become friends on there yet? Head here to see me and say hello!

I was 36 this year (I know I know I’m like a spring chicken! What IS my secret?). I was lucky enough to receive a HUGE bouquet of flowers from the amazingly talent Gypsy at The Vase Flowers and Foliage. She was obviously overwhelmed by my blog and had to send me some flowers. We’re getting married soon (the flowers and I) as they blew my mind. You can read about her here.

I spoke about ‘I hate Winter’ at Winter Festival’s Pecha Kucha which received lots of laughs and nodding of heads. I knew there were some of you out there who thought the same as me. If nothing else happens next year I can revel in the fact (and my mum’s proud) that I have a cake in my name. Queenstown Life cupcake was unleashed onto the world from Cup and Cake in June and I’ve eaten copious amounts since. Thank you Jamie for believing we could create something together. There will be more in 2016 I can feel it.

My Queenstown Life Week in Pictures

My Queenstown Life In Pictures

I travelled up north to The Coromandel (I know I know I left ‘the island’) but it was fun and man it’s warm up there. I also went across the sea to Melbourne and drank coffee, walked the city streets and marvelled at all the art galleries.

The Winter arrived and I snuggled into my POMPOM beanie with glee. They are spreading the pom poms across the land and you can read about them here. I got so cold I was so lucky to be able to travel to Samoa. A part of the land I’ve always wanted to go to because a) there’s no snow there and b) it’s so beautiful for swimming, lying on the beach and not being cold. (Did I mention I hate being cold?) Head here to soak up the rays!

My #snappersqueenstown photography group is still heading out into the nooks and crannies of Queenstown early in the mornings. You can join us (any camera, any level) by emailing me here. We meet to snap lovely parts of the town and showing how we all take photos so differently. Here’s an example of us all out and about! Always coffee afterwards.

Trelise Cooper was in Wanaka (yes I cover there too!) to raise money for the Hospice. There were the pinkest of pink cupcakes and fashion to delight us all of an afternoon. Read about her here.  I joined QT Magazine as a blogger for them in Spring  and am still writing for The Source and have a monthly column. An outstanding example of staying the test of time in this place. They’re unleashing their 500th edition next month. Yowser!


TEDx Poster 1I was proud as punch to be part of the team at TEDxQueenstown and we made 300 people smile smile smile in April with our ‘Illumination’ themed event. You can read about it here. Look out for our next event for 2016!

There are secrets in this place that even I don’t know about. I created a piece about all those places you might not have even heard of even if you’ve lived here 100 years. Have a read here and see how many of them you know.

Another way to get into reading is joining my Queenstown branch of Poppy Loves Book Club. There’s 80 of us now here and over 1000 of us in the world, all reading the same book at the same time. We meet in real time and then online once a month. A great way to meet new friends, read great books and link in with other women all over the world! Get in touch here if you’d like to join us!

I had a marvellous idea to get us Queenstowners (and you visitors) to have your won holiday in your own town. You don’t even have to leave the village! There’s so many places you’ve not heard of yet and I’ve tried to write about lots of them! Have a read here or just click on Staycation at the top of the page!

Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown

Queenstown Life Week in Pictures

I kept hanging around Lululemon Queenstown again this year because a) those girls are amazing b) I love their clothes (unfortunately I can’t tell my bank manager about them anymore) and 3) those girls. Read about what we got up to here. Snow and mediation anyone?

The amazing James from Neat Meat invited me to an eleven course dinner which at first I was a bit nervous about bursting my trousers infront of new people but it blew my mind. And everyone there. Read about Catalysis here. And get yourself on the next list. You won’t regret it my friends.

Millbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown

NZ Wine Tours


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Travelling to Samoa

Queenstown secrets

Kinloch Lodge Accommodation

matakauri Lodge Queenstown

Kinloch Lodge Accommodation

remarkables market Queenstown

collective makeup lessons Queenstown


Graze restaurant and shop Queenstown

poppy loves bookclub


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2015 was FULL ON. I’ve met and made so many new friends and worked with so many amazing businesses in this small but mighty town. There’s so many more I haven’t touched on yet. So many more beautiful things you need to know about. If you’d like to be a part of the Queenstown Life world get in touch! I’m sure we can work out someway to have tea and cake together and get your stuff OUT THERE. Just email me here! If you’re unsure of ways blogging can help you have a read here. It’ll make so much sense.

Otherwise here’s to 2016 dear readers. We are small but mighty. And thank you for following our journey!