Queenstown Life was one year old, there was an amazing sunset forecast and the boys PROMISED to join us so the #Snappers pulled out their cameras and met at Frankton Beach. Wowsers what a sight.

Pete Whittaker and James Perry are also raising money for the Cancer Society and a charity Skydive. Read about they story here. Such a worthy cause so get your fingers into your wallets. They have combined forces to create a company called Shotover Media.

Tonight we were joined by:

Sarah Bennet
Sara Litchfield
James Perry
Pete Whittaker
Jordan McInally
Esther Small
and me!

Snappers photography Queenstown

Esther Small aka The Moment Addict


Pete Whittaker


Sara Litchfield aka The Right Ink on the Wall

Snappers photography Queenstown

Sarah Bennett aka Further Adventures of Bennett

Snappers photography Queenstown

James Perry


Queenstown Life


Undersoul Photography AKA Jordan McAnally