Kobe Japanese Restaurant

Beautiful Summer’s evening at Millbrook

I was very lucky indeed to be invited to try out some of the dishes at Milllbrook’s Japanese Restaurant Kobe. I love love love Japanese food. The dumplings, the chopsticks, Sake, noodles, sashimi. So when it came to the evening I had saved myself with no lunch to try and fit in as much as possible. They should be scared, my tummy was ready.

Set in the back of Millbrook’s sprawling estate, amidst lush trees and overlooking Lake Hayes, it’s a perfect get-out-of-town destination for dinner. I felt like I was on holiday as I drove down the lane into Millbrook. It always makes me feel like I could be in America somewhere. I was met by the gorgeous Ciara (Marketing and sales) and the lovely Katie who is new onboard there and we set about ravishing the menu.

I ride through Millbrook on my bike, firstly because the road surface is AMAZING but also because I love to nosey at what they’re doing there. There’s always something going on. It’s a huge estate but doesn’t have the feeling that you are a tiny dot in it’s existance.

Kobe Japanese restaurant

Dark wood and red paint….dreamy

Kobe has recently been refurbished and what I love about the restaurant and this style of eating is you watch the chefs make the food right infront of you. We were seated right at the hot plate and I gazed in wonder as the chefs flipped, whipped and sizzled delicious food right infront of our faces.

We started with Miso and then a large platter of sashimi and sushi. Now if you’ve never had sashimi (raw fish- don’t make a face like a 4 year old) you should try it. I describe it like a luxury piece of meat that tastes like velvet on your tongue. There was also plenty so I didn’t have to start a bar brawl to get at it like I usually do with my sister. I love Japanese for the fact that everything is little. So you don’t end up leaving the restaurant feeling like you ate a bowling ball.

Gyoza Pork Dumplings next which were made right infront of our eyes. Ciara was being a lovely dinner date and made it all the more interesting when she said she was gluten intollerant. So couldn’t have the dumplings. I might have laughed just a little.

Ashamed not ashamed.

Japanese Restaurant Kobe Queenstown

Fork or chopsticks your choice

Next up, Tori Kara (fried chicken- got your attention?) served up with a salad of leaves and a dressing I nearly knocked the waiter over to see what was in it. Delicious.
We followed that with Kamo Yaki- plum and miso grilled duck breast with beetroot and fennel and apple slaw. All sliced up small and nestled on a plate that looked like something from a painting. Impressed. You bet. Alongside this (yes more) delicate Maguro Isobe Tataki (seared Tuna) asparagus and spiced lentils. Yum. The end.

Japanese Restaurant Kobe Queenstown

velvet Sashimi

Kobe is such a treat. I felt like I was on holiday. Eating out of town is something you should take the time to do. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE eating in town (infact just the eating business is pretty good) but getting in your car, or taking the shuttle to somewhere new, laid back, wandering the lanes and experiencing a new place to eat is such a delight.

Kobe Cuisine Japanese Dining 
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Japanese Restaurant Queenstown

Sashimi hands off

Japanese Kobe Queenstown

Beautiful dishes

Japanese restaurant Queenstown

Men at work