Because I don’t have enough to do I wanted to start something in a podcast form but with some consistency along the way. My dear friend and awesome writer, photographer, film dude (I could go on) Scott Kennedy and I have started…..well something. The Scott and Jane show is in it’s infancy (and still working out what this all means) but here is our first (and not last) show. We both love reading, I run a book club here in Queenstown (that you can join just click!) and so we gathered our list and talked about it.

This show is to be something that grows and works out what it all means but it can also be something that evolves into what you like to. Love vodka? We could try lots of different ones! Love films that begin with the letter ‘E’? We can also talk about that. I’d love your comments, views, dislikes, loves or topics. Let us know!

For the podcast? Listen here and enjoy! 

Scott and Jane show: Books