NZ Webtech Queenstown Web design

NZ Webtech Queenstown Web Design

For all you out there screaming “I hate my website” scream no more fellow writers/ bloggers/ creative types. I’ve just discovered heaven in a web developer and you won’t have to sell your granny to pay for it.

NZ Webtech (and more importantly Sam- owner)is a Queenstown web designer and has been listening to me ramble on for the past two years about wanting a new website. We’ve been through colours, themes, SEO, categories, photo size, where stuff should go, please-can-you-change-that a million times and he’s still around and hasn’t run a mile. He even got rid of a crazy Russian spammer I had a while back. Bish Bosh done.

NZ Webtech Queenstown Web design

My new website (which you can subscribe to here) is something I’m really proud of and it didn’t take a million bucks or 12 years to complete. There’s also some stuff in there that I have no idea how he did. But he did. Thank you Sam.

If you’re wanting someone comprehensive, patient and awesome then head to NZ Webtech. And no he didn’t pay me to say that.

NZ Webtech