Here at Poppy Loves Book Club Queenstown head quarters it’s all go on the reading front. This month we are reading Tina Seskis “One Step Too Far”. Tina will be joining us for the next club! In Queenstown? No, let me explain.

Queenstown is part of a world wide book club running from London through Poppy Loves. There are so many clubs linked in now I can’t keep up (Germany, Australia, New Zealand, USA, England) but basically we are all reading the same book at the same time. We then meet ‘in person’ here in Queenstown a few days before the London club meets and we join ‘online’. The author then meets us online or in person with the London club! Exciting what what!

We now have over 60 people here joining in the fun (and over 2000 worldwide!) and we’d love you to! If you’d like to find out more, just message me here.

Our lovely local book shop Bound Book Store is also in on the fun. They are offering discounts to Poppy Loves Book Club readers in their gorgeous shop on Church Street. Come join us, I promise there will be books, wine and usually something delicious to eat. Currently we are meeting at Madam Woo on The Mall.

We’d also love to hold our club at your venue if you have somewhere. There must be somewhere to sit and have a drink. So your small allotment is kind of out of the picture, but we’re open! Get in touch.

Come see our pictures here .