I have had the pleasure of meeting two fella’s (James Perry and Pete Whittaker aka Shotover Media who are swinging their cameras all over the place 1) because they love it 2) because they want to raise some money for chareedy and 3) because they are awesome. There was a 4) but I’ve forgotten what it is. Forgive me, we were up early shooting pictures (see I’m a proper photographer now I use the ‘lingo’) for a new project I wanted to start here.

I love how people take pictures. I could take pictures all day (you notice I don’t say photos because I think they’re more than that, they are an interpretation of an individual that no one else can replicate). I wanted to take pictures of a certain scene and gather photographers from Queenstown and see how we all take them differently. Alongside this also using it as a medium to shout out rather loudly about Pete Whittaker and James Perry’s charity appeal. Bazinga!

Every week we will meet at a different time and place and show Queenstown from all angles. It’s so totally different night to day and I love this about it. So why not get some amazing photographers (and me) to show this from their angle. Cool huh!? You can also join if you like swinging a camera/ iPhone / smart phone around. Just email me [email protected]

This week we met on a thursday at 7.45am at the Ice Skating Rink carpark where we wandered down to the lake for a gander. (And to laugh at how long boys take to take pictures……answer. A long time)

Our lovely group this week was
Esther Small
Sara Litchfield
Sarah Bennett
Pete Whittaker
James Perry 

Queenstown snappers

Queenstown Life image

Queenstown snappers

Sarah Bennett aka thefurtheradventuresofbennett.com

Snappers Queenstown

Pete Whittaker aka Petewhittakerphotography.com

snappers queenstown

Sara Litchfield aka www.rightinkonthewall.com

snappers Queenstown

Esther Small aka www.themomentaddict.com

snappers Queenstown

James Perry aka shotovermedia.com