1:1 Business Coaching for Women

I recently penned an Instagram post about the fear of change, not only for myself but others who are navigating business and all things life.

We put ourselves out there online and then await the noise. Or the silence. Whichever one responds first it evokes feelings about how we feel about ourselves.

But the question is should it?

I have written about my change in my work recently online and in person and to differing responses.Some of them have been:

“Wow Jane I’ve noticed a real change in you”

“What happened to the blog?”

200 followers down on Instagram last week

“Jane you’re killing it. You’re so confident”

The term “we never really knows what’s going on for people outside of ‘online'” is so true. My work life has changed dramatically in the past few years but so have I. I’m no longer a 32 year old woman juggling 4 jobs, single life, no kids, trying to make the rent and randomly filling out to do lists every day. I have strategic focus, an asana account I use and some money in the bank. A child!! Does that mean I’m better, killing it, never get down or blue – no of course not. But I’m doing things differently and that’s ok.

I want to put it to you during these uncertain times that the only certainty we have is the ability to learn (often for free) and to look at what we’re doing and whether it serves us or doesn’t. When I used to work with people who had alcohol and drug dependance their partners would ring our service demanding that we see them. Why? Because they cared for their partners or friends but ultimately because they wanted them to change. Not the other way around.

And thats the kicker. If something is working, keep on keeping on. Until it’s not and then only then can you either put your headphones on and ignore it or do something different. Which is what I’m doing.

So today I launched my 1:1 coaching service for women in business. What does this mean?

It means that over 3 years ago now I reached out (finally) to get some help with my business. The business I loved and had poured my heart into for 7 years and it was exhausting me and definitely not serving. I was working with amazing businesses but the way it was growing was not working, the hours I was spending were overwhelming and ridiculous and I absolutely and definitely did not know the deep ‘why’ for it all.

So I stopped. Paused. Did some deep work with a coach, a massive amount of new learning (I’m not a natural learning- I don’t go searching for it) and spent a massive amount of cash.

And it worked. Unbelievably. I couldn’t believe the results (and the hard work believe me, but this time well directed) and I felt the joy finally of having my own business. And the reasons we do it. To have freedom and choice and I could ride my bike on a Tuesday at 11am if I wanted to.

So now I share with you my own new offering, I have just finished my coaching accreditation and after 20 years of working with women through goal setting, strength based practice and programmes I have space for 3 clients for the next 3 months. Let’s do this team.

1: 1 Business coaching for women 

🥰Women wanting to gain clarity about their offerings

🥰Māmās transitioning or re-defining to fit their lifestyle

🥰Women wanting to attract clients and make more money

🥰Women wanting to gain confidence to put themselves out there

🥰Women wanting to work on blocks or mindset

My specialities are:

Goal setting, mindset, work that is designed by you

1:1 Business Coaching for Women

Coaching has unequivocally changed my life. Forever. It has given me time back, allowed me to know my ‘why’, the weight of the to-do list is lighter and more reasonable. I went from earning 4 figures to 6 in one year, I now slot self care every damn day, stop feeling guilty about taking time ‘off’ and it has given me purpose and direction.

It has also (and probably the most important) allowed me to see my overwhelm cycles and what triggers them, bringing them down from days and weeks to hours even minutes. So now over to you.

I’d love to hear from you and answer your questions. Knowing is the ultimate power. Making the decision to do it is the next step. Come have  a discovery call with me and find out what’s happening for you!


1:1 Business Coaching for Women