Stop asking how

A few years ago my life completely changed. I was at the end of the rope with this blog, I wasn’t earning any money from it, the days were long and the lists even longer. Emails were taking forever, I was being to do more and more for free and I couldn’t say no to work. I was exhausted and wanted something….else. I couldn’t work out why everyone else seemed to be in another room that I couldn’t get into. I cried a lot. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. 


I then went on a course that would change my life forever. Well and truly. The Travel Bootcamp was a two day course around social media and the power of being online. But it wasn’t all about being creative and influencing, there was an aspect that struck me about the power of saying “no” and making money by starting to think a little differently about your business.

Starting with ASKING FOR MORE MONEY 💵 

The next step was to invest in a 3 month course which led to a 6 month course. I had never invested that much money in myself ever. But I thought this is it. The last thing I do. 

I worked my arse off and I slowly began to see not only my ego get a battering but I also started to ask what for what I needed. And wanted. And people saying “yes”.

I then saw my business start to earn not only more money than I’d ever dreamed but also to see my business in a completely different light and my position in it all.

I then started to realise that I wasn’t 34 anymore (when I started this journey) but a 42 year old who wanted something different from this community.

Stop asking how

In the meantime a new business was born ; Jen and Jane’s Excellent Adventure which was created out of a need to be online after lockdown but also the community of women I had gathered around me from this platform wanting to learn how I had shifted and moved my business.

🕹 To Serve is the most epic feeling in the world and so a whole new rock was rolled over and the underside inspected. I liked what I saw.

And so now for this platform what does it become? It doesn’t take away from all the epic businesses and brands who have invested in me over the 8 years. That is still very much at the forefront and will never go away. Their blogs and work live on here on this platform forever. For me this place that I write will look slightly different for now.

That might mean some of you still want hotels and mountain shots dammit. And thats ok (there will still be a few mountain shots as I’m an outdoor girl) but I’ll also be sharing with you some of my findings, business learnings, goal setting, coaching and mentoring that Ive ben doing and hopefully it will inspire you to look at your work or dreams differently.

Stop asking how

First things first Stop asking HOW. Instead Fuck the How (straight to it). It is killing everything you can’t seem to do or get right or move forward with. The ‘How’ is a freezer full of doubt and self criticism. It stops you putting out that blog or that new product or setting up that business that’s a side hustle into the thing you do full time. 

We work out the skills later but for now start with what do you want the future to look and feel like?

What does it look like one year from now?

Where will you be?

What will you be doing?

What does your work look like?

And then from there we can move into what does that look like for the month and what jobs need to get done to lead you to that goal. And not just hitting it but NAILING it. 

Stop asking how

To help you with some of this Jen and I have launched a new FREE workshop to answer some of these questions 

“How to make $ using Instagram Stories’ is next Thursday 20th 10am-11am NZT. 

It’s Free and we’ll be looking at 

👏🏼 How we made $100k from this platform 
▶️  Why you need a strategy. But then actually using it
😎 Learn all the tips and tricks for launching and sharing your business that mean money comes in! 

Register here (and don’t forget to subscribe when we send you an email after registering) 

We can’t wait to see you.

And for now thanks for reading there’s so much more to come

Jane xx