Free Show Me the Money Mindset Workshop

Recently I launched a new business which I’m so proud to share with you all. As long term followers and supporters of Queenstown Life (which is sticking around!) I have also stepped foot into the mentor business space and have been offering programmes and workshops through Jen and Jane’s Excellent Adventure

With my bestie Jennifer Heuett of The Small Wins Company we are now 6 months into 2 sold out Womxn’s ‘launch a business’ programmes, 3x Social Media and Storytelling Workshops plus actually creating a new business during a pandemic.

We’re pretty darn proud of ourselves: all of this without a website or funnels – through having a strategy and goals that work and creating a safe community who gives a shit. And stopping listening to the “I can’t” voice in our heads.

So now, today we’re letting you into our next launch – Show Me the Money Mindset workshop which is FREE.


Free Show Me the Money Mindset Workshop

We’re going to be honest with you. WE LOVE MONEY.

How does that make you feel?

Ick? 🤢 Uncomfortable? 🤯 Like you’ve found your people? 🥰

If we then asked you, “are you frustrated that you don’t make the money you want?”

Do you often get angry when you’re paid and the same voice shouts “why can’t I get a break?”


Are you still not able to have Fridays off/ take your family on a holiday?

Our workshop will dig into:

✅ Why your money story gets carried along with you as you go through your life and business journey

✅ Acknowledge the barriers that people face but also look at the stories we create for ourselves: Reality Vs. Self-sabotage

✅ Your feelings around money and how that could be stopping you live the life of freedom that you want

✅ How you might not be seeing all the skills you have and can use AND be paid for using them

🥰 👏 🥰 👏

You will learn all about how to earn more. How to charge more. How to set boundaries that allow you freedom.

Come join us it’s FREE!


We can’t wait to see you there (and p.s we’d love to say hello online! You can find us at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

Jen and Jane

Free Show Me the Money Mindset Workshop