UYO and Queenstown Life Take the Pledge

This 2021 UYO , Takeawaythrowaways and Queenstown Life have joined forces to get all sectors in Queenstown, Wānaka and Central Otago onboard with this pledge. 

The concept: You pledge to the world that you are changing it up in your sector, your business for the world.

We then share that story with our audiences. A combined force of over 55k good humans (on Instagram alone! Never mind our websites). 

Use Your Own Cup Day
Use Your Own Cup Day

But FEAR NOT! Don’t automatically think this has to be about being a cafe or hospitality businesses.

No, no no!

We are looking to support any sector with the pledge to do better this 2021. With the new climate change plan coming from the commission this month. 

  • You may have decided this is the year that you are removing all single use plastic/ cups/ utensils (making sure straws are still available on request for the disability sector) from you conference, canteen, cafe, office.
  • You’re setting up reusable examples for clients/ customers who visit you (plates, cups that can be washed instead of thrown away).
  • You’re refusing to use any paper this year and have everything online 
  • You won’t be doing any advertising on billboards (plastic waste) but only online
  • You’re working hard to be carbon zero and offsetting all your travel.

Just some examples of what you could be involved in or planning. And we want to support YOU!

Let me know via email or Instagram DM and I can add you to a huge blog post about what you’re doing and also share this stuff all over social media. Free advertising for you and a large shout of “yay” from the earth.

UYO and Queenstown Life Take the Pledge
UYO and Queenstown Life Take the Pledge
UYO and Queenstown Life Take the Pledge
UYO and Queenstown Life Take the Pledge

We are also searching for cafes who aren’t yet on the UYO website! An epic website full of all the cafes who are doing good. You can enquire more here and get on it!! And have a read here about what they’re all about. 

You can also check out the interview I did with the legend of UYO Laura Cope here on my Queenstown Life podcast. 

Let’s nail this year with our pledges and let us help you! Get in touch and lets get cracking!

I am working with UYO and takeawaythrowaways because they rock my world and they’re trying hard to sort out the world. That’s it.