Whoa where did that year go? Echoed x102828 by everyone I’ve chatted to over the weeks. 2019 flew by (it didn’t it went at the same speed as the other year(s) but it still felt like we accomplished alot and also failed at alot too. So here’s my round up.

I’ve worked some unbelievably amazing companies this year who are really thinking about their mark on the world. Companies who research and know where their clothes come from and who make them. How they are adding to or taking from the finite resources we have on the planet. Sending out messages of hope and information to educate and up-skill. These are the companies and brands I want to continue to work with in 2020.

Recreate Clothing New Zealand Recreate Clothing New Zealand

ReCreate Clothing are a shining example of this. They know where their clothes are made (they’ve set up a sewing school in Cambodia) their staff are well looked after and considered and their clothes are beautiful. Dress with pockets anyone?!

Film Otago Southland are our local film office/ commission and are doing some awesome work in the film industry space. Not only conversing with companies and creatives who want to come and film here they are immersed in helping and supporting young film makers and magicians to become our future.

neve candles

Who doesn’t love the scent of a fresh candle burning alongside a cozy bath tub? And to know that 5% of every candle will support a charity here in Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Currently Kākāpō Recovery. Nevé Candles named after the striking Southern Alps are the brainchild of Tess who was a part of the Queenstown community for a while until her work took her back to Ōtautahi/ Christchurch.

Queenstown Lakes Women Unconference

Queenstown Lakes Women celebrated it’s first year of business and also a year of events, workshops, support and Queenstown’s first unconference. Sixty women met together for the morning at Sherwood Queenstown and worked out their own schedule of sessions. Connecting, laughing, eating and learning along the way. Celebrating nearly 800 members we are proud to have planned another year of events for 2020 which we will be unleashing on unsuspecting eyes in the new year. Come join us and follow us here.

Arrowtown all you need to know Arrowtown all you need to know

I absolutely love Arrowtown and so do you lot so I decided to share my favourite places to hang out there for you all. Walking, eating, drinking, meandering, eyeballing. It’s all here.

The hotels you must stay in in Queenstown The hotels you must stay in in Queenstown

I have had the opportunity to stay in some of the loveliest hotels and accommodation during my time. Lucky enough to peek inside some of the bedrooms and nestle under the covers of some of the most sumptuous beds in Queenstown. I shared them all in a post that I know you’ll love and be dragging your best pyjamas into in the future. The hotels you must stay in during your stay here.

Ocula Optometrists and Eyeware Boutique

Ocula Optometrist and Eyewear store came into my life alot this year. And when I say ALOT I MEAN ALOT. I had new prescriptions, conjunctivitis, floaters (don’t ask), a possibly retinal detachment (again don’t ask) and many a questions from ‘miss question 2019’. They were professional, patient, amazing and all round perfect for a post on here. AND they won Outstanding in Professional Services at the Ignite Wānaka business awards. YEAH THEY DID!

Remarkables Market and Tenth Birthday Remarkables Market and Tenth Birthday

Those hard working community types at Remarkables Market are celebrating TEN YEARS of markets this year. I have been a die-hard fan for all that time and I’ve also loved seeing them grown into the life giving parent loving croissant gazing place that it is today.

Forme Day Spa has arrived in Queenstown Forme Day Spa has arrived in Queenstown

The gorgeous people at Forme Spa discussed a project with me that I couldn’t refuse and I tootled on down to their lovely rooms in the centre of town. I experienced their heavenly facial and I have been back three times since. THAT tells you something. I now have the best skin this side of the equator. FACT.

I bloody love small businesses as you know and I bloody love small businesses who do things well. Queenstown Cottage is someone that is doing things well. Everything you need for a little stay and everything done beautifully. I want to be back in the biggest and comfiest bed I’ve slept in in a long time.

Māori Instagram pages you must follow

And finally Māori accounts on Instagram that you must follow. We must do all we can to support creatives and especially those who are indigenous to this land. They are the keepers, the watchers, the voices that we must listen to for the future. This land of Aotearoa/ New Zealand is my home and I graciously live here.

2019 has been a whirlwind of collaborations, connecting, supporting, listening, talking and now, reflecting. I don’t want to be ‘busy’ in 2020 I want to be productive. I don’t want to spend all my time online scrolling I want to be talking to real people. And real businesses. 

I have a big folder called ‘new year’ in my emails and those are the people I want to chat with come January. I’d love for you to be in it. Come find me! 

To make life easier I’ve attached my media kit here for you to have a look at. This tells you all the stuff I get asked about. Have a peruse over your tea and then get in touch. We can create some magic together in 2020. Copy of queenstown life media kit (1)