There are so many accounts to follow on Instagram and I get lost in the vortex of finding them. Recently I have been digging away to increase my awareness of what is happening not only locally but nationwide for tangata whenua. There is so much richness and vitality around the stories of people here but also what you can do to support locally and in Aotearoa/ New Zealand.

Māori Instagram pages you must follow Māori Instagram pages you must follow

Here’s my list of new findings

Campbell Luke (conceived by Bobby Luke from Taranaki) is rocking not only the stage at New Zealand Fashion Week but sharing his kākahu (clothes) and the kaupapa of the women who wear them.

Aho Creative Weaving whakapapa. Beautiful print textiles in Aotearoa/ New Zealand. “Teading lightly with organic, fair trade threads”.

Māori Mermaid is killing my bank account as I want ALL her art work in my whare/ house. Beautiful poems and a fighter that we all need in our lives.

Taputapu Design is creating beautiful homewares for your whare, incorporating Te Reo into your life and gorgeous designs they’ll make the most perfect gift for all your mates.

Māori Instagram pages you must follow Māori Instagram pages you must follow

TāKAI. We’re all trying to save the world in our own little ways and these beautiful bees wax wraps are perfect for your daily kai/ food or in your fridge.

Tukau legacy is designing some amazing clothes for tamariki and the rest of the whanau. Te Reo sliding into all our lives STAT.

ĀIO Botanical Tea blended and crafted in Tāneatua

Nz Amiki telling stories and sharing the uniqueness of Ōtautahi/ Christchurch with us all on foot.

Kiri Nathan is a beautiful storyteller through her clothes and designs. Absolutely mindblowing.

Māori Instagram pages you must follow Māori Instagram pages you must follow

Āio Clothing give back tot he environment, it’s people and paves a way for the future. 100% recycled clothing spun into yarn and made into new. Kerpow!

Miriama Grace-Smith / Foresight Clothing a māori artist and street wear label.

Ngāroma Art Creator, māmā, Aotearoa. Making beautiful greeting cards and prints.

Kultured Design. Wear your Kulture. Made in Aotearoa and proudly displaying Te Reo for the world.

Stay Native Connecting travellers with authentic indigenous experiences.

I’m so proud this country accepted me into it’s arms and it’s my job to share these and research these companies for the future of Aotearoa.

He tangata he tanagata he tangata. It is the people, the people, the people.

Māori Instagram pages you must followMāori Instagram pages you must follow