What to buy for Christmas in Australasia that you can feel good about?So Christmas. Yes there I said it. I don’t usually celebrate it because, well I haven’t for years. It started with me stopping sending cards because only my mum would read them and then I stopped buying presents because 1) I didn’t need anything and 2) others didn’t need anything. Then I had a baby and HOLY SHIT I WAS SEEN AS THE GRINCH.

But I’m sticking to my laurels (why is that even a thing?) and saying she is 15 months and needs NOTHING. Actually she needs feeding and keeping warm and some sleep but apart from that not much. She absolutely fizzes over pomegranate seeds (her mother’s daughter) and putting sticks into a saucepan but she does not need loads of crap that will fill up my tiny house and end up in the ocean where a dolphin will not want to play with a power ranger. He won’t I asked him. He prefers Spongebob. (joke)

What to buy for Christmas in Australasia that you can feel good about? What to buy for Christmas in Australasia that you can feel good about?So I set about finding lovely people who are making lovely things for you at Christmas if you so much buy something. But actually this list is perfect for all year round….Valentines, birthdays (because birthdays are a big thing for me) and for when you just want to say thank you. I also discovered Ethical Made Easy, an amazing woman, Jasmine, on Instagram who is putting together all the ethical fashion for you in one place! Easy.

Here are some ideas (and I’d love yours please):

The Peoples Bread
Everyone loves bread right? And if you don’t… erm weird 😉 The People’s Bread are legends living in Wanaka and making bread (they offer gluten free too if you live in Wanaka) and you can get a subscription!

Get Outside
I know I know hiking rah rah but if you’ve got kids and they’re “boooooored mum” then getting them outside works wonders. Ive put together a list of all the day hikes I love right here. And ITS FREE STUFF.

What to buy for Christmas in Australasia that you can feel good about?Recreate Clothing
I discovered Recreate on Instagram (standard) but the more I delved the more I wanted. I don’t need stuff but I like to buy lovely pieces every now and again and if I’m getting it it has to be good. Erica and Deborah have created beautiful clothes where you know where they come from and you know who made them. Organic fabrics made at the Recreate Sewing Centre in Cambodia which was established in 2013 to give women of the area an opportunity to work and learn new skills. A total winner if you ask me. Also kids clothes too! 

Chia Sisters
Leading the way in businesses being better. I love all their drinks and would gladly have my fridge stocked with them for the rest of my life if my friend ‘gin’ wasn’t alive. Nutritious sustainable juices and seeds make a wonderful gift for that person who has everything. And if you get them Chia they will actually have everything.

The Paper Rain Project
A lucky intro from a friend had me hooked to The Paper Rain Project. Indigo and Wills have made something beautiful, creative and they should be proud! 100% organic t-shirts (fairly traded and printed locally), amazing skateboards made from Marlborough Pinot Noir barrels and locally grown sustainable hard woods. Hand painted, laser etched and limited. They also stock brands who have similar ethics to theirs.

What to buy for Christmas in Australasia that you can feel good about?Argent Silversmith
Don’t go to this website as you’ll want EVERYTHING. Handmade beautiful jewellery which has been recycled, reclaimed, reused. Based in Melbourne, Liz is a legend in the world of making all things look beautiful. A very special gift for yourself 😉 (everyone needs something for themselves right!)

Happiness House right here in Queenstown and Wanaka Wastebusters have so many amazing second hand things to wrap up for the merry time. And you’ll be supporting local community organisations at the same time.

Pretty Kiwi
Pretty Kiwi clothes handmade in Queenstown and sold at the Remarkables Market and at The Barn. Tineke has continued to make these beautiful clothes right here in New Zealand and are the perfect gift for someone to grow up with.

What to buy for Christmas in Australasia that you can feel good about?Remarkables Market 
My baby loves pomegranates so that’s what she’ll get! There’s nothing like going to the local market and picking your fruit. I love it here, local and fun and you always meet someone new. So many local made products it makes me proud to live here. 
Check them out. Every Saturday 9am-2pm Hawthorne Drive, Queenstown.  

Sherwood Queenstown
Composts, organic, zero single cups, aiming to be zero waste and complete and utter legends. If you’re visiting here or live here get a voucher to eat and stay here. I consider them part of my whanau and so should you

Now I don’t know about you but I like stuff in my kitchen and in my front room and in my bedroom and in my bathro…..you get the picture. But finding beautiful gifts that you know where they come from requires a bit more attention. I’ve recently come into contact with Etico. Ethical Homewares, stationary, bags, bed and bath. Icons on each product so you know where it was made (and if in NZ), ethically produced, natural materials and if it was handmade. Your mother in law will love you. And we all like happy mother in laws

Ethical and sustainable women’s wear and just all round wonderful. My eyeballs fall out every time I see their new collections and they’re doing so much good in the world of Fashion. Also check out Luke Campbell who’s kaupapa “decolonising design one step at a time” hits my power to the people mantra. AND their line at NZ Fashion week knocked my socks clean off.

Other ideas for kids:
Home made vouchers – make some yourself; they get to pick a cafe to go in with you, a movie night date.
Fruit, nuts (honestly) especially for babies (babies don’t really need anything for Christmas!), books, second hand clothes and toys. Or get someone to babysit for you! A great Christmas gift of sanity 😉
Treasure Hunts that you’ve created, (Older kids) They get to set the weekend- what you do, where you go, what time you get up 😉 Craft kits and Michelle Dickinson’s ‘The Kitchen Science‘ book is something I actually want. (And you buy one…they give one to a local school!)

I hope these are helpful…make your own traditions. Remember you don’t have to be like everyone else. This is your time!

All images gratefully used from Unsplash

I was not sponsored/ paid for/ gifted for any of the businesses above. I just really bloody like them.