Day Walks in Queenstown? Here's my list

When you’re looking for day walks to do in Queenstown every Spring I write out my list. The ones I can run (not at the moment THANKS injury) and the ones that I like to meander.

Walk, hike, tramp, cycle, meander, kerfuffle (it’s my blog and I’ll write it if I want to) whichever you choose here’s my list to help you work out the best for you.

Sam Summers Loop
A beautiful loop which encompasses rock slide throughs, waterfalls, bridges, old miners cottage, some steepness and a whole lotta loveliness. 8k’s of swoopy but the question is always clockwise or anti?

Bobs Cove to Twelve Mile (or vice versa)
Have you ever seen the water at Bobs Cove or Twelve mile Delta? You’d better keep onto your hat (as your mind will be blown)…dad joke I know but this is somewhere people who’ve lived here for a while have never been. There’s a campground at Twelve Mile and not too hilly for the meanderer. Run, walk, take your buggy. And just breathe it in.

Day Walks in Queenstown? Here's my listQueenstown Hill
A classic grunt up the hill (whichever way you choose) but then the basket is not the top! Look behind you and see the trail leading up. Thats the top. However you choose to get up there the views are beautiful. And a great view of Ben Lomond.

Wye Creek
I haven’t completed this walk for about ten years but this year it’s back on the list. I do remember a grunt up hill. And more uphill. But a beautiful view of Lake Wakatipu awaits.

Day Walks in Queenstown? Here's my list Day Walks in Queenstown? Here's my listKelvin Heights Peninsula
A gorgeous swoopy 3k walk greets you with secret beaches (ripe for Summer picnics), a massive display of sculptures and boardwalks resplendent into water of green. Mind the golf balls!

Kelvin Heights to Jack Point
This deliciously quiet trail means you can walk, run or bike from the Kelvin Heights to the lovely Jacks Point Clubhouse for refreshing beverages (or drink before and then set off!). I don’t think there’s another view of the lake like it and on a sunny day the view is dazzling.

Day Walks in Queenstown? Here's my listTobins/ Miners Trail
Head out of Arrowtown along the Arrow trail and head up Tobins. Stop at the top for the view then either wander back down or keep walking until you come to an organge marker. Keep following the markers for this amazing 16k walk which takes you up high over Arrowtown and back along the Mace Town track.

New Chums
Everyone always says “new…what?” New Chums is the other side of Sawpit Gully (if you go clockwise) and it takes in some of Mace Town track and is a steep entrance. Do it in Autumn and you’re surrounded by golden trees.

Sawpit Gully
One of my absolute favourite walks here, I always do it clockwise as you get the very steep bit out of the way first and then it’s either left to continue up to Big Hill (these walks took a lot of thought when it came to naming them) or right and a beautiful undulating track back to Arrowtown.

Bowen Peak
Now I would say Ben Lomond (which is also on the list) BUT Bowen Peak always gets missed as the one when people get to the saddle they then decide to go left. I’d go right and take a trip up Bowen instead. Then you can be all mysterious in the pub and say you went up Bowen. People will definatly give you the “where?” look. And that’s golden.

Moke Lake
Not just an Instagrammers paradise this 6k run/ walk is a great way to see the lake from up high, watch the horses race around on the ground below and if you go early enough miss out on the sandflies and be all alone. Day Walks in Queenstown? Here's my listDay Walks in Queenstown? Here's my listRule of thumb:

Always remember water and sandwiches (I like marmite and butter)
Leave no trace, no toilet roll, rubbish, cigarette butts, condoms (believe me I’ve seen them)
Don’t go off without telling anyone where you’re going