Te Amo WinesTe Amo; I love you. Perfect, pure, passion.

Te Amo Wines are just the same. Argentinian passion pulses through every bottle and every bottle comes packed with dark forest fruits, intense blackcurrant jam and hints of cardamom and spice.

Te Amo Wines Te Amo WinesPatagonian born proprietor Ruth pours her heart, soul and experience into her wines, driven to ensure every glass enjoyed reflects her desire for perfection and individuality. The unique blend comprising absolute premium grapes sourced from both the Waitaki Valley and the Northern banks of Lake Dunstan, Central Otago, exemplifies this, with the 2016 Te Amo Pinot Noir being 88.9% Central Otago and 11.1% Waitaki grown. The Pinot Gris is 100% Central Otago vintage.

Te Amo Wines Te Amo WinesSlide your eyes down the bottle and every. little. detail tells a beautiful story about the wine.
The label; a delightful drawing by Ruth’s daughter when she was 7, of them both wrapped in love and warmth, dancing! A speech bubble of “Te Amo” envelopes the scene. The back label tells the story of the wine but allows you to make up your own mind about the taste. A tiny heart with Ruth’s initials finish the story. But the story isn’t finished. It’s just beginning. The rest is up to you to imagine.

It’s about sharing love and passion, be it with family or great friends, around a Winter’s fire, a summer sunset on a beach, the evening shivering with anticipation of stories you will tell each other. Placing a bottle lovingly in the picnic you packed for your day out at the beach.

Te Amo Wines Te Amo WinesThe short words on the back of the bottle are more like nudges to the fruit than tasting notes. Ruth wants you to see it and feel the wine like art. You make up your own mind as to what you taste, what it reminds you of, what it makes you feel.

Stop. Sit down. Take a moment. Fall in love with the process of enjoying something again.

The Pinot Gris is best drank fresh ( I still don’t understand the process of keeping wine, drink it all I say) or within two to three years of the vintage and the Noir will easily last eight to ten years (which is never going to happen people!).

Ruth wants to keep production relatively small to retain the lovely boutique feeling about the wine. Small but mighty in all aspects.

Te Amo Wines

A beautiful story, a delicious wine, a time for you to slow it all down. Sip, settle and tell someone you love them. Te Amo.

Te Amo Wines
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If you buy 12 the freight is free (freight within the Wakatipu is free)

This post is sponsored by Te Amo Wines but as always if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t write about it.