Kingwood Skis and Veuve Clicquot teamed up to bring you a very exciting limited edition ski range to this years iconic Real Journeys Winter Festival and ‘Clicquot in the Snow’.

Giving you the opportunity to ski some of the best ski designs out there. I caught up with Alex Herbert, founder of Kingswood Skis to ask about the design concept and also the future of skiing in New Zealand.

Who are you what do you?

We’re Kingswood Skis. We’re a  small, boutique ski company based in Lyttelton. We make tough skis for New Zealand’s rocky conditions.

What’s the idea of the collaboration? Why would someone buy these skis over something else?

When Veuve approached us, we felt it was a good fit. Beautiful skis paired with beautiful champagne. What a way to celebrate winter! We would argue that Kingswood is a smart choice anytime, but right now there are only 10 numbered prints of the Colourama topsheet available and they are going fast.

What’s happening with skiing in NZ? What’s the future for the fields and the industry?

The future is uncertain and we don’t have a crystal ball. We just take each season as it comes and are grateful for every powder day we get.

How do we compare on the world stage?

There’s probably no point making comparisons. New Zealand is different to Europe and Japan and North America. The club fields, where we spend most of our time, are certainly a unique New Zealand experience. At the end of the day, fancy facilities and 100s of kilometres of runs don’t make a ski day great. Being in the mountains with your friends is what makes a great ski day. (Fresh powder helps, too.)

With the current climate (climate change) how can we as media and people in the industry make sure we have a ski season in the future?!

If the media and the ski industry have the power to avert climate change, then things aren’t nearly as bad as we thought! But skiers should be paying attention. Our personal philosophy is to make smart choices every day to lessen our impact. What we consume matters. Spending power is our greatest power. We’re proud that Kingswood Skis are made with a sustainable bamboo core and super thick edges and bases. Our skis are built to last. We even buy them back when our customer’s are ready for a new pair. Buy once and buy well and you’ll be doing the planet a favour.

These limited edition skis are available on line now here but hurry there’s only ten pairs made!
Imagery provided by DarkHorse PR Auckland