Prickle and Pop Art

Sometimes something catches your eye and it makes you bubble up inside. A piece of art, gorgeous jewellery, those new trainers your mum never let you get when you were ten. It settles in your mind until you have said item in your grasp and real delight takes over.

Prickle and Pop is such brand. The “prickle of every day life alongside the pop of creativity”is their tagline and when you see what Kirsty creates, you’ll get why the bubble rippled up my chest into huge belly laughs when I first spied her on Instagram, and made in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Prickle and Pop Art Prickle and Pop Art

No 1 Kirsty Collett is a seriously wonderful artist, her prints are full of life and that fox makes me think it will jump from the page and settle into my bed (I’ve got a thing for having a pet fox) but it’s her cards that get it just right.

Imagine for a while you’re in a lovely shop/ supermarket/ online searching for the card for your loved one (i.e. best friend forever). Rows and rows and rows of highly unimaginative never-get-it-right-rubbish-excuse-for-a-joke card that you buy anyway and it just never quite gets your friendship like you want it to. Insert stage left Prickle and Pop cards which do exactly that.

You’ll notice I’m using alot of italics because these cards absolutely get ‘you’. They get your friend. They get your friendship ‘just right tip of the nose smack bang in the face’ that you buy the whole entire set. And that bubble I was talking about earlier ripples right up from your belly. Your friend gets it and your friendship is sealed and dealed.

Prickle and Pop Art

Naughty, quirky, a little bit ooh ahh and you have Kirsty and her marvellous creations right there. Imaginative prints, gorgeous postcards, cards for every occasion; “Oh for goodness sake I’m not dead I’m practicing Shavasanah” is my absolute favourite. Cards that fit every person (that I know) down to a tee. The hilarious things we say and do that makes us, well, human. And human stuff is the prickle of life, and then the pop of creativity that sees it down on paper.

Prickle and Pop Art Prickle and Pop Art Prickle and Pop Art Prickle and Pop Art

If you check out the back of each card they each have a name too (of course I found ‘Jane’) so each one has even more of a personality. It’s not just a card it’s a well thought out piece of love right from Kirsty’s desk to yours. And I love that this is a business made from the love of personality, laughter and you in mind.

Not just a card with a man dressed as a golfer for you dad.

Prickle and Pop Art Prickle and Pop Art Prickle and Pop Art Prickle and Pop ArtPrickle and Pop Art Prickle and Pop Art

Prickle and Pop have cards; Perminopart collection alongside her wonderful birds and absolutely beautiful prints that look like Kirsty sat down in your front room and painted it right there and then. I love that you can get to know Kirsty in her art work, fun, bright and gorgeous. You can see an interview with, well, herself right here.

Don’t send your bestie a card with some balloons on it, she’ll cry. Get her one of these and make her laugh. Forever.

Prickle and Pop

I was sent these beautiful cards and print but as always if I didn’t love the brand I wouldn’t write about it.