Pepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary Christchurch

I remember that time just before the start of school where my mum would take me to the local stationery shop and I would pick out my new pencil case, pens and felt tips. The smell of a new rubber (or eraser in proper terms), bright and shiny pens waiting to have the end chewed, new books clean and fresh and ready to be filled (usually with ‘Jane 4 the boy I fancied at the time’) filled me with excitement. Then school started and I realised the boredom was real. But stationery was always legendary.

Then with the new digital age stationery disappeared from my life. It was all tappy tappy type type and not a bit of ink in sight. No more did I lust after the latest biro or bic pen, gorgeous notepads waiting to be written in, sharp edges of rulers, thickness of paper, ink.

But all that changes right here and right now as Pepa Stationery makes my heart go a flutter all over again. Oh to be 8!

Pepa Stationary Christchurch

Pepa Stationery is the most beautiful stationary shop recently opened in Christchurch and owner Ami is bringing the joy and a smile to people’s faces once more with her arms fully loaded with pens, pencils, envelopes, pins, wallets….the list goes on. You don’t have to be at school to enjoy delicious colour palettes on note pads, you don’t have to wait til the start of school for that once a year spend. You get to do it every day. Pop in your details and you’re away (online or go visit at their shop). Which is rather dangerous I know. But I know I’d rather spend my money on good paper than something I use once and throw away.

The art of letter writing is also something that’s disappearing fast. The days I receive a letter in the post are few and far between and there’s nothing more exciting to see a little corner of white sticking out of the letter box and discover it’s not a electricity bill. Cheers to sore hands from writing, yay to sending something to someone you love, yay to stamps!

Pepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary Christchurch

Pepa also has a monthly writing collection called Pepa Post. People gather in their homes and write to a nominated person who would love to receive your letters. How lovely to write to someone who needs a letter in their lives and what a wonderful way to connect a community.

All about connecting community, Ami also has also just started events, her first; writing letters to yourself which Ami will then pass back to you in 6 months time. Write down your thoughts and dreams. A wonderful evening of writing, Diane Foster and Christchurch. Check it out and more here.

Pepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary Christchurch

Pepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary ChristchurchPepa Stationary Christchurch Pepa Stationary Christchurch

Remind yourself of all the things you used to love way back when and get a pin to whack on your favourite denim blazer (Girl Power for me), a new journal for the year, envelopes, stickers, beautiful leather notebooks, wrapping, ribbons, books, cards and more. I could pop with excitement!

Ami is a wonder of all the things to connect us to ourselves (writing down stuff) and to others (write to your mum once or twice. She’ll love you for it). I’m heading there now, because everyone needs a “everything will work out pin” (you know for when my baby’s screaming and I have vomit down my new top).

Ami you’re a genius.

Pepa Stationery
Boys High Building
The Arts Centre
28 Worcester Boulevard

I was gifted stationery from Pepa Stationery but as always if I didn’t like the company I wouldn’t write about it.