Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fareI have some absolutely magical memories of riding on a bus as a child in the UK so when I moved here to Queenstown getting on a bus was a ‘every once in a while’ opportunity. I love this town and I love what it’s doing moving into the future so when the discussion around a $2 bus fare came into focus my ears pricked up.

Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fare Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fare Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fareBrought to you by some hard work (and I reckon lots of cups of tea and cake) of Otago Regional Council (ORC) with support from Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) and New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA), we now have the launch of a wonderful new shiny bus service here in Queenstown. ‘Orbus‘ launches November 20th and we’re so so excited to see the shiny new buses lining up ready to take you where you need to go. They even have a hashtag people. #betterbybus

There is wifi (so you can Instagram ALL THE WAY TO WORK), the $2 is a journey fare so if you have to hop off and onto another it’s all included (within half an hour), a fully loaded up timetable which you can find here, bus drivers to shout “thank you!” to AND can you imagine the views out of the bus?! No more trying to look at the mountains as you drive no no no, you can stare out of the windows with your nose pressed up against the glass (sorry window cleaners) and gawp to your hearts content.

Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fare Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fare Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fareWant to head into town and not have to drive your car? Now you can. Want to take your new love on a little tiki tour around town and gaze into her eyes while you are talking? Now you absolutely can. And she’ll fall in love with you on the bus (we can’t promise that bit).

Get out of your car before work and actually read your paper and sip your latte without dropping it all down your lap #betterbybus

Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fare Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fare Orbus Queenstown and it's $2 fareIf you head here you can actually plan your route. No more clueless standing at the side of the road wondering how and where to catch you bus. It’s all planned out for you. Routes include: Fernhill to Remarkables Park and return, Arthurs Point to Arrowtown and return, Kelvin heights to Frankton Flats and return, Lake Hayes to Jacks Point and return.

Remember this is brought to you from some solid work of ORC with massive support from QLDC and NZTA. It may not be perfect from the start but they absolutely want your feedback as to how to make it the best darn bus service in the country. You completely and utterly need to throw all your support at it so we can keep it for ever and ever and your grandkids will get on it and say “wow grandma and grandad, so this is where you fell in love”.

Collect your GoCard and get on your way.

I’m so proud to live in a town that’s trying out new stuff and also listening to what the people of the community want. Get out of your car and get on the bus because after all it’s always totally absolutely positively #betterbybus.

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This post was sponsored by ORC but as always I only work on stuff I’m proud to shout from the rooftops about.