Ambassador for Dr Feelgood I absolutely love small business and I absolutely love small business here in New Zealand and try and work and promote them as much as possible. We’re all out there slogging away trying to do it right and so when the opportunity comes up to work alongside one of the best…well of course I jumped.

Dr Feelgood are out there doing amazing things for you tastebuds. Creating the most wonderful fabulous ice pops the world has ever seen AND using only the best ingredients (no refined sugar here). If you’re DAIRY FREE you’re sorted, if you’re jelly-top obsessed then heres the place for you.

Ambassador for Dr FeelgoodThey hollered to work with some lovely folk and I was honoured to be chosen as a brand ambassador for them. I hope I do them proud and tell their story.

Made right here in beautiful New Zealand (Paremoremo to be exact) you can now get your fix in many outlets all across the country. Here in Queenstown there’s Countdown (five mile), Sherwood (Frankton Road), Shotover Jet (Arthur’s Point), Gibson Tavern (Gibbston).

In six delicious flavours Jellytop Chocolate and Raspberry, Jellytop Passion Fruit and White Chocolate, Banoffee, Cacao and Cream, Cosmic Cola and old fashioned Pink Lemonade. Banoffee is this week’s current favourite (and I tested MANY).

You’ll find me under a pile of ice-cream and I’m not even sorry.

I am a brand ambassador for Dr Feelgood but as always my opinions and tastebuds do the talking.

Ambassador for Dr Feelgood