Locals- David Jacobs Taxidermist Queenstown

David Jacobs is a fourth generation taxidermist here in Queenstown. Producing mind-bogglingly amazing work his studio is stuffed (see what I did there) full of some of the most unique work I’ve ever encountered. An avid hunter and outdoorsman we’re so lucky to have David here in Queenstown. The Taxidermist Ltd.

Who are you, what’s your story?
A lot of people define themselves by their work, relationships and possessions. Probably because they view other people the same way. 

While I am happy with all I have done and achieved, I came to the realization when I almost lost it all what was really important to me. I always wanted to move to this region, I had a five year plan to make to happen. Long story short, when the Earthquake happened in Christchurch my five year plan became a five minute plan. I live a true lifestyle occupation now and have a rich, fun, active and heathy life. I am happy with my lot.

Locals- David Jacobs Taxidermist Queenstown

Your work. What drives you, what makes it unique to you.
I am privileged in that I am able to do something creative every day and run a successful business. It’s left and right brain.

Tell us more about the Queenstown community you live in, why you’re there, what keeps you there and what you love about it.
When I recently lost my home in fire I was fortunate to discover I am part of a community that looks after people in time of need and I have made some awesome friends.

Favourite spot that feels like ‘yours’ and why you go there.
There is a local swimming hole behind my property, I train my Labrador retriever there, take a dip after a run or cycle ride in summer or can catch a fish for diner. Often I just go there and enjoy it for itself, skim the odd stone – I am still looking for the perfect stone.

Locals- David Jacobs Taxidermist Queenstown

What do you hope the future looks like for you and Queenstown? How are you investing in    your community?
There is a lot of ‘haves and have not’ talk around this town, at the end of the day we all get to enjoy the place in the same way if we choose. We would all be better off if we understood that we are only here for a small period of time in the grand scheme of things and we are only guardians of the small part of the planet.

I am reminded of a message given recently by Jane Goodall “do not think global” because if you do you will not be able to act local. So I plant a few more fruit and nut trees, trap a few stoats and prepare the vegetable garden for planting next spring.

Find David’s work
The Taxidermist Ltd. 

Locals- David Jacobs Taxidermist Queenstown

I’m always looking for locals to join us, get in touch.