Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel BluffRecently I had the urge to get out of Queenstown and head down to the South Coast. When the urge attacks I must listen and listen I did. I love Queenstown but sometimes you just got to get the sea wind in your hair, wander some new trails and experience a gorgeous hotel such as Lands End Boutique Hotel in Bluff.

There was a storm brewing on the way down and I was excited to be holed up for the evening.

Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel BluffWe arrived in the nick of time, it was windier than a windy thing, raining a treat and the sea had whipped itself into a frenzy. We found the hotel (literally at the end of the South Island) and it was a complete delight to behold. The fire was on, our room was ready and my book was excited to opened for the first time in a while.

Lands End Boutique Hotel has made it’s mark on the South coast as a haven of coziness and style. Fitted out with delicious hints of yellow on grey, one of the biggest roaring fires I’ve had the chance to come upon in a while and a restaurant (more later) a mere stone’s throw away. It really makes the trip from Queenstown worth it. Leave the city for a while and get yourself down by the sea.

Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Our room was one of five (four king rooms and one twin share) designed to keep you gazing longingly outside at the sea and cozy enough that when the wind was howling you wanted to sit and sip a boiling hot cup of tea.

Important information to know; the bed was ginormous and I could have stayed in there all day had there not been the trails outside to venture onto. There was also the roaring fire downstairs and a delicious dinner to be had at Oyster Cove restaurant which was next door, so venture downstairs we did.

We headed to the restaurant and sampled some of the most delicious oysters I’ve ever had, mutton bird (it’s an acquired taste but I implore you to try it once) and a cooked-to-perfection scotch fillet steak. We were in heaven. We simply opened the door to the restaurant after we were done and rolled into bed. No taxis, no waiting, no stress.

Landsend Boutique Hotel BluffLandsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Lands End Boutique Hotel also have heaps of local things to get you involved in. They can book shark diving, trips to Stewart Island, oyster factory visits and museums in the area. Bluff is one of those places that I completely fell in love with. It’s originality is what makes it special. Wild, completely ‘of it’s own’ and makes no bones about who or what it is. It is Bluff. Wind swept and interesting.

Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel BluffLandsend Boutique Hotel BluffWe spent the evening chatting to owners Ross and Lynda about social media and how it can impact and be useful for all our businesses (did you know I help business with their social media?). Understanding hashtags and navigating the hungry beast of all the platforms. We also may have drank a little pinot and stared at the boats making the journey to Stewart Island in the storms. There are some brave souls out there….Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel BluffA mere twenty five minutes from Invercargill and two hours forty five from Queenstown, you can leave after work on a Friday and have a whole weekend away by the sea. There’s gorgeous trails a plenty right from the hotel front door. The Foveaux Walkway, Glory and Millennium Tracks. During Winter rug up as it can get pretty windy, during Summer remember your suncream and water and get outside! There is often sea and bird life (we saw Tui!) and your camera will love you for it. Instameet anyone?

Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Ross and Linda have built a business that is full of stories, love and all about relaxation. Appearing when you need something, disappearing when you want gaze out of the windows and sip your tea. Taking time out just for a while to get some sea salt in your hair and a smile on your dial. I wanted to stay the whole weekend and forget I had work on Monday morning. But one night would have to be enough.

I shall be back though. Make no bones about that one.

Landsend Boutique Hotel Bluff Landsend Boutique Hotel BluffLands End Boutique Hotel
End of State Highway 1
10 Ward Parade
Stirling Point

I was a guest of Lands End Boutique Hotel but as always my views are my own.