Mother's Day New Zealand Style

I wrote a post like this last year where I apologised to my mum for always missing mothers day. She’s over there (UK) and I’m here (NZ) and obviously the two countries celebrate the days on different days. So I always use the excuse “I’m not there, you’re not here”. Because I’m a star daughter obviously. Not.

Then one year I sent her some flowers over the power of the web and she loved it. Simple act, big result. Many of you will be away from your ma’s (I love to call her that because it annoys her so much. Again Star. Daughter) on this Mothers Day so send her stuff and make her smile.

Mother's Day New Zealand Style

Image by Kate Roberge Photography

We all need some help from time to time so here’s some ideas of things and niceties you could sort lickety split.

You obviously can’t send her cake, because, durrr, it will melt in the post or the postman will eat it. What a waste. But you can send her a picture of you eating cake, or icecream or drinking a beer. It will make her laugh and laughter is the recipe of being left your grandma’s pearls in her will. (joke).

Website flower shops are so so easy. See a bunch you think she’ll like, slam down some numbers and boom a massive scented explosion of love on it’s way to your mum. Easy.

So so many Queenstown shops sell good ol’ New Zealand stuff that will remind her why you’re here and why you love it so much. So send her a Queenstown t-shirt, mug, large pottery based paua shell. Again will make her laugh and everytime she sees it, drinks her tea out of it she will see your gorgeous wee face looking back at her. (And it will annoy your dad)

Mother's Day New Zealand Style

Remind her why you left. This.

Buy her some music. I know I know it sounds a bit of a let down, but whenever someone buys me a tune from I-tunes or somewhat I love it as they’ve heard a song and thought of me. Sweet, simple, easy. Everytime I listen to said song (Abba or suchlike) I think of them too thinking of me, and it all gets a bit complicated but you know what I’m trying to say here.

Now obviously I’ve set myself up to fail as I have one day and I’ve not sorted anything. I’m getting daughter of the year award obviously. But surely that cake I sent in the post will get there right?

I love you ma.

Mother's Day New Zealand Style

Lovely presents from dontbeadoormat

Mother's Day New Zealand Style

Get her a meal at her local restaurant

Mother's Day New Zealand Style

Get her something out of the ordinary!