The Scott and Jane Show proudly bring you….well if we’ve done books and music it had to be films right?!

A great list of questions which started with 1) One you haven’t seen 2) One guilty pleasure 3) One you’ll never guess I love 4) One totally underrated 5) One that changed my life.

Films have been part of my life for so long now. They make me feel comfy and uncomfy, they remind me of my dad (Sunday James Bond sessions). I still get excited about going to the cinema, the whole experience of buying the ticket, getting snacks (always) and sneaking in your own. Finding your seat and the anticipation of “will I like it’, “will they have done a good job?”.

We’d love to know your list too! And also what else you’d like to hear on the podcast. An interview you’d like us to do or be a part of yourself! Anything is possible.

1) Frank 
2) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 
3) 10 Things I hate About You
4) Aliens
5) Raiders of the Lost Ark

1) Das Boot 
2) Point Break 
3) 101 Dalmations
4) Fantastic Mr Fox 
5) Jaws

Podcast The Scott and Jane Show: Films