Lightroom Workshops with PhotoFit

I’ve wanted to get to grips with Lightroom photo editing tool for a long time now but have always been intimidated by falling down the hole of what to do and by most people who use it saying “eek it’s difficult, hard, no way Jose”.

Liz Mclean set up PhotoFit to iron all the problems out. She understands the world of Lightroom, all it’s nuances and niches and thought it was so important to have a workshop available for those people who are scared by it and want to learn. Her one day workshop was perfect for me to get involved with the option of the two day later.

Lightroom Workshops with PhotoFit

The flow of the day

The day begins with a two hour tutorial on workflow (mine is terrible). Organising files and understanding the difference between folders and collections and basically where to put everything.

Where you store your photographs is oh so important. Getting it right from the beginning and then once you get it, you’ve nailed it! Liz from PhotoFit is so patient and explained things twice (and sometimes thrice for me). So no need to feel intimidated by new terminology.

Two hours swoops past within the blink of an eye and then it’s lunchtime! The lovely thing about this workshop is you get to move away from the desk and get outside! A gorgeous hike out of the classroom and into the great outdoors that we have in abundance here.

Lightroom Workshops with PhotoFit

Lightroom Workshops with PhotoFit

Lightroom is one of those places I always wanted to go to. To have someone show you tips and tricks and best ways to store your precious photos of your mum and your favourite Queenstown vistas is the icing on the cake. I am one of those people who will file something away, then forget where I’ve put it or delete it thinking I don’t need it anymore. Cue crying into my tea because I’ve lost something.

Never again! Enter PhotoFit stage left.

Lightroom Workshops with PhotoFit

Post hike (to the lovely Seven Mile lookout) we returned to the workshop.  We then started to look at how some of those sweet editing tools work. I was grinning from ear to ear feeling like I’d unlocked the key to a secret world. Messing about in the editing suite is one of my favourite afternoon past times (so sue me). Having someone who can show you where all the secrets live is gold.

PhotoFit offer one day or two day workshops all in Liz’s lovely home. Set amongst some of the most amazing camera crying views here in Queenstown. Hikes are set to level and everything is adjustable. This is perfect for you if you’re scared to get started or don’t have a clue where to start. Visiting here or a long time local all are welcome.

Just call me Mrs Lightroom (beginner).

Website to book.

I was a guest at PhotoFit’s workshop but as always my views are my own.