Running in Paradise
Running in Paradise
Running in Paradise
Running in Paradise
Running in Paradise
The amount of running trails in this town (and a bit further afield) are astounding. I love not having to run on the road, which was a common thing when I lived in the UK.
There is nothing better (well maybe a few things better, winning the lottery, discovering a time machine) than sticking on your runners and heading out onto a trail.
I often get asked from people passing through town where the best trails are and now here is a list of my favourites.
From Town: (No car needed)
Head left- towards Frankton and stay along the lake front. The Frankton Track heads out to Frankton and then joins up with the Trails Trust trail which goes all the way to Arrowtown and beyond. Or Right -from Steamer Wharf and stay along the lake front. This will eventually take you to Sunshine Bay track which winds its way to Sunshine Bay. Continue along the road for a couple of K’s and reach Arrawata Terrace track up into Fernhill. Or just turn around at Sunshine Bay and run back into town.

Head out of town along Gorge Road (a bit of road running) and finally hit the trail leading you to Arthurs point. Head into old Arthurs point and up into the houses, hit the Moonlight Track which will take you to Moke Lake eventually! (Long run)

Head up Ballarat Street in town and follow the signs for Queenstown Hill. The loop is up and then down, the end. You can choose to stop at the basket but this is not the top. Continue up following the signs to the top of the hill. Then let your arms go and run all the way back down again!

Car needed- Glenorchy Road
Head along the Glenorchy Road out of town until you hit the Mount Crighton carpark. Park here and head right (crossing the road) onto the Sam Summers track. Go left or right for the loop.

Head along the GY (Glenorchy) Road until you hit 12 mile carpark and campsite. A gorgeous trail through the trees along to Bobs Cove. Then if its a hot day chuck yourself into the water for a refreshing dip.

Head along the GY Road until you reach the Moke Lake turning on your right. Either park at the bottom and run up the lung busting hill until you reach Moke Lake or drive up and park at the lake carpark. A gorgeous 6k run around the lake.

Car needed- Arrowtown
Park in Arrowtown and head left along the Arrow River. There are a few trails along this side. Sawpit Gully, Bush Creek, New Chums and Big Hill. All have differing levels of fitness. Sawpit being my favourite.

Mace Town is a tough run into the old Mace Town. River Crossing and some nice uphills.

My favourite is Miners Trail. Head up Tobins Track (you can head up to the top of this and then just run back down if so wish for a good lung burner) and continue along until you see a stile and orange stakes in the ground. The stakes carry you along the trail which is 16k’s .

Drive from Queenstown towards Arrowtown until you see Lake Hayes sign (before the Arrowtown turn off) and park at the lake side (a few options) and run the 8k loop around the lake.

Car needed- Kelvin Heights/ Jacks Point (not a loop)
Drive either to Frankton and park there or all the way to Kelvin Heights and park at the end at the Golf Course. Head out from Frankton and over the bridge. Follow the river along towards Kelvin Heights. Or run from Kelvin Heights  along the gold course trail and onto the Jacks Point trail. You will (if you do it all) finally hit Jacks Point. Either get someone to pick you up from there or run back!

Further Afield
From town head left along the Millennium trail (Glendu Bay track). The trail heads out til you reach Glendu bay camp ground. (14k’s one way)From town head right and stay along the lake front along the trail. Follow it along til you hit the Clutha river trail follow all the way along and either turn round or run back into town. (about 20k’s complete- used as part of Challenge Wanaka)

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