Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Queenstown

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Queenstown

I see Sunrise Balloons out of my bedroom window every now and again and constantly talk about wanting to get inside that basket and fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Maybe I should join a circus but in the meantime it was my birthday and a surprise was waiting!

A gorgeous sunrise to start the trip and a basket full of excited people meeting in a field on a dark morning never tasted so good. The basket is laid on it’s side and then the balloon filled with cold air at first until it is big enough to receive hot air blasts from the tanks. I got to help! We then climbed inside the basket and with a beautiful sunrise to greet us we were on our way!

The basket lifts slowly and then quietly (we had a good morning for calm weather) heads up and over Millbrook.


Sunrise Balloons operate in all seasons and for all types. If you’re not sure you want a wham bam throw-yourself-off -something-high when you arrive in Queenstown this is just perfect for you. It’s serene (ok sometimes the weather gets a bit windy) but you float along and get to just, take it all in. Quiet, peaceful, lovely.

The gorgeous thing about the balloon ride is how old fashioned it all feels and just how beautiful Queenstown is from up in the air. Being able to see down the twisty lanes that you only see from the road is one of the best experiences I’ve had whilst I’ve been here. I even flew over my house and waved at the cows. Up, up, up and away!

As there’s no steering in the balloon (yep you heard me) Carrick (balloon man extraordinaire) settles down where he can to land. A soft bump and we were down. The balloon then deflates while we got stuck into champagne and croissants for breakfast. Marvellous! We then all got amongst it to get the balloon back into it’s little bag and onto the truck. I loved how we all were made to feel a part of the process of the morning. Both getting the balloon in the air and then getting it down again.

sunrise balloons NZ


What a treat for my birthday! Sunrise Balloons is a such a beautiful way to see the sunrise and all of Queenstown from the air. And the best part? You get a certificate at the end!

Find them here, and on Facebook Snapseed-116