The Source Magazine has been going a wee while now. 500 issues infact. This magazine started out as an A3 sheet of paper displaying all the amazing things going on in this town way back in 1998. Many of you weren’t even born in 1998 so that’s a real achievement. This town is full of those crazy creative types who are still working hard to bring life to this town and I hope I can say I’ll still be around for that long.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing a column for The Source for a wee while now and I couldn’t be happier. I’m allowed to write about real stuff, real lives and even swear sometimes (my mum doesn’t know) and I hope they keep me in the fold for the future. Arts, music, politics it’s all in there for the world to see.

Front Room Gallery is displaying some of The Source’s front covers (in big size) and all of the issues (in little size) for this month in it’s gorgeous gallery on Memorial Street. Get along and see history right there. It’s so beautiful and I for one am proud to be part of the family.

Front Room Gallery
Memorial Street