fifty the movie

I first heard about a mad man (Malcolm Law) running fifty marathons in fifty days when I worked in a running shop. Now I’ve been around some pretty crazy people who have done Ironman distance races and ran hundreds of miles for the fun of it. I’ve even trained everyday for two years for races myself but when I sat down and thought about how one marathon made me feel I was intrigued.

I’ve completed two marathons in my lifetime. Two. At separate times. With a few years in-between because they wrecked me so emotionally and physically I had to have some space to get over the first one and do another. But fifty in fifty days is mind bogglingly astonishing. But that’s Mal Law for you.

Mal came up with this idea a while back (three years ago) after heartbreakingly his brother-in-law took his own life. Raising money for Mental Health Foundation of NZ  seemed an obvious choice but often people start small and work their way up. Not this guy. Whammo. In it for the full thing. And this bonkers brain boggling trip began. On the 7th February 2015 Mal Law began running a marathon a day in Rotorua and didn’t stop for fifty days.

Hoping to raise $400,000 he exceeded expectations and is now looking at over $500,000. Stupendous. Crazy. Wonderful. And now there’s a film documenting the whole trip. The whole experience and I’m going to see it. And so should you.

Screenings can be found here and unfortunately some of them have SOLD OUT so you’ll have to buy it on dvd won’t you.

Mal Law I applaud you. I think you’re slightly bonkers, but hey that’s why we run.

If you think you need to talk to someone. Anyone. Just someone or you know or you know someone who needs help. Please get in touch here:
Mental Health Foundation of NZ
09 623 4810

Fifty the movie

Photo by Photos4sale. Pilfered from facebook