staycation Queenstown

Queenstown sunsets by the beach

I love Queenstown. I’m sure you can tell that now. I also love getting out and about into all the nooks and crannies we have here.  BUT when you have such an amazing town and an amazing amount of things to do here (sometimes I don’t even know some things exist) it’s so great to be able to stay here, have a holiday in your own town and not have to travel anywhere. What bliss.

I also love a staycation. To set myself up for a few days with glorious eats, treats, walks, shops, and all the new things that are forever popping up in this town. So I had the idea to let you in on the secrets. For us to plan your way around this town (you can thank me now) so you can keep doing things that are important like drinking cocktails, eating cakes and generally being outside smelling the fresh air. See I told you you’d thank me. Also check out the new tab at the top of the page! See it? All under one roof.

So the next instalments will be just that. My version of a staycation in this gorgeous town we call Queenstown.

Are you excited to go on holiday? No need to pack. Just step out of the front door……..

staycation Queenstown

New friends to make

staycation Queenstown

Places you didn’t know existed

staycation Queenstown

Strolling through the grass

Gay Ski Week Queenstown

New trails to discover


A new view of the town