lululemon QueenstownI love to exercise and eat cake (rah rah you know me now) but I also love pants that do different things. Some for lounging, some for running, some for making my bum look smaller so I can eat said cake, so when I discovered Lululemon had separated their pants into categories I went down to the Queenstown store to have a look. And maybe have some cake time to try on some stuff.

There are four different types depending on how much they compress you. Now don’t get scared, this isn’t about turning your body into a sausage but more about giving you different ways to train, pull things in, help support certain bits and also let your legs relax. I tried on all types;

Tight- to support your muscles and make you streamlined and fast (a girl can dream). Actually gave me, for the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE, a gap in my thighs (and all girls know what I mean). Structured and hold everything in.

Hugged- Not as tight, move with you and also gives you some support.Great for running, yoga, trying to look like superwoman.

Naked- to feel like second skin, so perfect for all the yoga and pilates I’m going to be doing. And no they aren’t invisible but feel like you’ve got nothing on. OOOH yeah.

Relaxed- Sits away from the body and feel like there’s nothing to stop you when you are springing, running, and lying on the floor after all that cake.

I went for relaxed ‘Studio Pants‘. I have lots of running tights so I wanted a change up and I also loved the soft feel of these as soon as I put them on. I could sit and wear them all day. I haven’t had them off once. My friends will have to tear them off me to get in the wash. I may lose some friends.

Head down to see the team now and get some pants in your life!

Lululemon Queenstown
34 Mall Street, Queenstown
New Zealand

lululemon Queenstown

My gorgeous ‘Studio’ pants languishing in the sunshine.

lululemon Queenstown