SOOOO I set up my podcast to interview the gorgeous Anika Moa who was playing at The Sherwood last Thursday. Interview done. Boom. I made her laugh, alot. Standard. But then I got home and my sound levels were out of whack. So out of whack two of my amazing friends tried to sort them on their fancy-schmancy computers. So after crying a bit I thought I’d get help with the interview and get it down anyway. I have learnt ALOT aka getting to know my new gear BEFORE THE INTERVIEW and I’ve got a booming voice and Anika has a leeeeetle mouse voice. She even called me cute. Awestruck 😉 Enjoy and I apologise in advance for the quality. I’m learning.

Anika Moa
The Sherwood
Thursday 10th September 2015
I Am Woman See Me Tour

Anika Moa Podcast