Spring Queenstown

Slowly getting into the swing of things. Slowly getting back into it. It’s slow though. Can you tell? After holidays all I want to do is lie around in my bikini and pretend it’s 30 degrees (when really I’m in the post office paying my car tax and everyone’s laughing at me in said bikini). But getting back into the Queenstown swing came at me WHAMMO! So much to do and so many things to write about, which is exciting don’t get me wrong. But I do need to remember to keep on with the ‘not constantly checking my facebook‘ breathing deep and staying off line sometimes. Also I saw blossom. Real blossom. It’s been a tough Winter, an amazing skiing season (not for me, don’t be silly) but we’re ready for some warmth on the bones and some beers outside. I am, are you?

These past couple of weeks I have eaten at Graze. Wham-bam-slamming us with amazing food, wine and community gatherings. ‘Flight of the Honey Bee’ was a Five course menu (with wine matchings) catered around the humble bee and honey. You can read all about it here. I love these guys and their creativity. Keep it up!

Graze Restaurant Queenstown

I went on holiday to Samoa and found out EVERYTHING so you could go there too and see everything. I know, I’m so good to you guys. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that difficult. But you can read about it here and see all the things I saw in my pictures. There’s always more to see on my Instagram page.

I recently joined Snapchat: QTLIFE and Periscope: Queenstownlife because I love having grey hair showing you the delights of Queenstown and further afield. Snapchat is mostly pictures and videos of my dinner and cake (you love it!) and Periscope is a whole world of LIVE video. I absolutely love the concept of showing videos live and having people all over the world interact right at that moment. So much fun.

Travelling to Samoa

I got back into running on the trails because it was warm dammit and there was mud everywhere. There’s so much running around here I’ve compiled a list which you can read here and also check out the photos for Arrowtown swoopy trail loveliness.

I also wrote Part One about blogging and why it’s amazing for your business. Sometimes in this fast world it’s hard to know who to turn to when you’ve got an beautiful product but you don’t know how to get it out there. I can help you with this and with my words. Have a read about it here and get in touch. I’m just an email or wave away.

Spring Queenstown Spring Queenstown Spring Queenstown

It’s the first day of Spring. Welcome.