Hillbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown

Hello beautiful. The phone’s off the hook…..

One of my favourite places is my bed. I love lying down, nestled in it’s cozy covers all wrapped up warm and toasty. So when I was offered the chance to try out Millbrook’s Luxury Day Spa  which included a massage and facial in the most cozy wrap-me-up-in-my-mums-hug treatment I said “nah, not today, I’m washing my hair.”


Hillbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown

I totally did.

Millbrook is set in 500 acres of rolling golf course, spa, trails loveliness and I for one love meandering around pretending I live there until one of the security guards stares at me and then I leave. Unless of course I’m heading to Kobe their gorgeous Japanese restaurant that I wrote about here.

Heading to the Spa, a short walk saw me wandering the lanes while dappled sunlight hit the trees and danced on the lake. I was so excited and was met by the lovely spa staff grinning from ear to ear.

Hillbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown

Even my slippers were relaxed

I was shown into the changing rooms and a warm fluffy robe was waiting for me to start the process. My gorgeous therapist met me in a softy lit room and began explaining that I would be having a massage and facial. I did not have a problem with this at all.

Imagine being nestled in a warm cocoon of fluffy towels and someone puts a wonderfully soothing hot towel on your feet. Draped in the smells of frangipani and lavender a half hour massage felt like forever followed by a gentle facial to remove the craziness of the world outside. Using Elemis products who are continuously working hard to make sure they bring you the best, I knew I was in good hands.

Millbrook Spa is a favourite of mine because of the way the whole process goes. From the cozy welcome to leaving it’s golden glow you are treated with total care. Understanding that after my treatment a large platter of fruit and cheese and champagne was not usual I felt like a princess. A princess with glowing skin.

Guests of the spa also get to use the hot tubs and pool that are located right beside the spa. So you don’t even have to ruin your pedicure should you choose to take a dip.
There are options of massage, packages, body treatments, specific mens packages, gym, swimming pool, hot tubs and hairdressers so you know you can forget about coming out of there bedraggled. The only thing bedraggled will be your walk back to the car because you won’t want to leave.

Hillbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown

There’s magic behind those doors

Hillbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown

Beautiful artwork adorn the corridors

Hillbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown

Only the best products for Millbrook

Hillbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown

Dappled sunlight on the way in

Millbrook is perfect for this time of year when your skin feels like it needs some sunshine and you just need a jolly good looking after. This is the place to be. You’ll find me there, and the security guard won’t keep me away.

Millbrook Luxury Spa
Phone: 03 441 7017

Millbrook Luxury Spa Queenstown