Queenstown Life week in pics

I’ve just had a coffee and coconut party. A party in my shower to be exact. My shower floor looks like someone has thrown coffee everywhere but I feel marvellous. Coco Grind is the amazing creation of  The Coco Company who is also Megan Matthews. Creater, founder, director and all round clever lady doing things with coffee and coconut no sane person should do. But it works. And the other beautiful thing about it. It’s made right here in Queenstown. Just perfect. I love that.

I am a lover of anything coconut and I love a coffee come Monday morning so when I got a pot of this delicious smelling stuff, it took all my power not to whack a spoon in there and start chowing down. But (lucky for you) I waited until my next shower (it took a while, I’m known for my infrequent bath times) and I stepped into coconut/ coffee goodness.

My skin is literally singing at the weight I have shed in (I’m sorry) Summer skin and now it’s ready to go under layers of clothes until the sun reappears again in October.

Who are we kidding…….. November.

My mother was always one to remind me that skin needs something in the Winter months as it hides under all those clothes and this, this is perfect. Amazing for the men among us too as it’s not sweet smelling and it makes you feel like an amazonian jungle god amongst all that coffee.

I’m hooked. Get amongst it.

The Coco Company

Coco grind scrub Queenstown