It’s May and I’ve started running again….have you? If not get your bums outside because when the cold nights draw in, the bike goes in the garage and the running shoes come out. This is only because I want to eat copious amounts of potatoes and butter and soups and hot chocolate. If I run I can If I don’t I turn into a house.

I recently went to Auckland which I spoke about last week but forgot some photos which I loved to take whilst on the flight and then I travelled to Riverton, Southland this weekend and the camera came out again too.

I tried a gorgeous new product made from coconut and coffee. Now, anyone who knows me knows I love anything with coconut in it, around it, surrounded by gin. So when this product caught my eye, I covered myself in it. You can read about it here.

I got a wardrobe audit with Hannah Checkley. It’s not quite finished yet but check her out here!

I also, also, also (I’m saying it three times because I was so excited) stayed at The Sherwood. I’ve eaten there, worked there and on Friday I got to sleep under it covers! Keep your peepers peeled, it’ll be out soon.


Hello Auckland


I can see a rainbow, see a rainbow too

Queenstown Pictures

Road to Riverton. I love green grass

Queenstown Pictures

Do not eat. I repeat don’t, eat it smells so good!

Queenstown Pictures

Trees on fire in the Autumn sunshine

Queenstown Pictures

I’ve taken to meandering on a Monday lunchtime.

Queenstown Pictures Queenstown Pictures


I got to stay! They are never getting rid of me!



Honesty boxes. This, this is why I live here